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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by DARBY-7 9 / 10 / 10

Very riveting movie - jaw dropping

I was bored one afternoon and was compelled by the title and description of this movie listed On Demand via Comcast. The characters are extremely well developed and portrayed, very good writing, and despite the shocking outcome the story is believable which makes it even more intense. Not cliché or predictable, except in that you know something bad must happen to these kids. If not for the extreme language and violence, I would want to show kids this movie to shock them out of the urban "being cool" drug and "yo-yo-wassup" scene. Having been around some younger people and hearing that they do in fact talk like this, and even act like this sometimes - it's a little too believable that something like this has or will happen. You really want to hate some of these kids and young adults. Warning: not for the faint of heart or something to see on an already depressing Sunday afternoon. But if you like intelligent, intense movies I recommend this one.

Reviewed by bixx 10 / 10 / 10

Extremely disappointing

I caught this during a brief run in a Philadelphia theater. Despite its local provenance (and its relation to a hometown tragedy, namely the beating death of Eddie Polec in 1994), I really have to come down hard on this movie. The director, for reasons best known to himself, decided to shoot the entire film guerilla-style, with nonstop handheld cameras and rapidfire cuts. Such technique might work for the scenes of jarring violence, but is utterly inappropriate for the rest of the material, which makes up the majority of the film. A stroll down the sidewalk, a brother-to-brother discussion on a sofa, hell, even a kiss on a first-date are all shot cusinart-style, distracting this viewer from ever being able to enter into the drama. Martin also undercuts his narrative by packing in far too many topics: besides the birth of mob violence, we get anorexia, alcoholism, divorce, racism, parental abuse...did I miss anything? No doubt a better cast (and a better-focused direction) would have knit these threads together, as Martin surely intended, to demonstrate how one moral flaw leads into and sustains a host of others...but good intentions do not necessarily a great film make. Just a sprawling mess. Martin, I know you're from my town, and I'm down with you man, I really am...just do a better job next time, like you did in Two Plus One.

Reviewed by atdi1627 10 / 10 / 10

amazing movie, true story

see i think the above person has it 100% wrong. I think they were trying to portray the suburban kids as trying to be what they thought was tough and urban. in the beginning they say something like this is real gangster, suburban gangster, none of that urban bullshit. or something like that. when in fact the real urban kids, the philly kids, were nothing like that. the acting made me feel like the kids were actual people. like it was a documentary and not a superbly acted movie, which actually made it better. this is a true story. im from philadelphia and we had the father of the child come and speak to our school about violence. i didn't know about this film when that happened i actually just saw it (8/07). i totally respect your opinion of the movie. but i think that it was an amazing movie, incredibly powerful and told a story that needs to be told. these kids totally pushed each other into thinking they were tough kids, they had to prove themselves but really proved that hurting people isn't the right way to go. listen, i know i cant write and i know my argument is scattered, but give this movie a chance. i personally think it is amazing. i was having difficulty holding back tears at the end because it seemed like they were real people, not actors, like you and me. amazing movie, powerful, definitely a must see.

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