Elevator Girl


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Joey King as Paige
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Priscilla Barnes as Elaine Schuster
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nowego 7 / 10 / 10

Enjoyable Romance Movie

My first Hallmark movie, but by no means my last. After reading all the reviews when I saw this available, I made up my mind to watch it and was not disappointed. Lacey Chabert was great and lit up the screen whenever she was on, which happily, was frequent, Ryan Merriman did a good job as well, I had seen him before in a few of his earlier efforts. Patty McCormack stole the scenes she was in and her interaction with Ryan Merriman's character was well done. It was a predictable movie and some parts were not as good as others, but it hit the spot for my partner and I and we really enjoyed it. Well done Hallmark Channel. The reviewer who remarked on the elevator ending obviously did not really watch the movie, there was no goof, it was time lapse and story telling. If you were really watching and paying attention you would have understood. Watch it again and this time actually watch it before rubbishing it. Very good easy to watch movie, lived up to my expectations and would recommend it.

Reviewed by Lily-32 10 / 10 / 10

Welcome back, Hallmark

I love the Hallmark movies. My mom and I watch them together all the time, but recently I've felt some of them haven't been up to par. Thankfully, Elevator Girl is the exception. It was cute and fun and believable. Not too sappy or preachy, just good fun. The chemistry between Ryan Merriman and Lacey Chalbert (?) was great (though I admit I still have a hard time seeing RM as a grown up actor and not think of his DCOM days where at one point he played a leprechaun). Ryan Merriman showed he can be an adult actor and I was very happy with that. LC usually annoys me but I really enjoyed her performance in this. I'll definitely be buying this one on DVD so the count down for that begins now. If you like Hallmark channel movies I think you'll like this one.

Reviewed by edwagreen 10 / 10 / 10

Elevator Girl-Smooth Ride Here All the Way ****

Still another version of a modern day Cinderella, not oppressed, but rather a free spirit who meets the guy of her dreams when they get stuck in an elevator. Our guy is a hot-shot lawyer who has just been promoted to a partnership in the firm. He is hard driven as work ethic really consumes him. Yet, a strong relationship develops between our 2 lovebirds. The story is basically if people from two different backgrounds can really succeed. It's the old case of compromise here. The cast is great and special kudos to Patty McCormack, as our guy's matchmaking secretary,who sees a good match in the making and fights to sustain it. If anything she is the "good" seed here.(Remember her as the evil child in her Oscar nominated role in 1956's "The Bad Seed?") We see our guy's friend who wants him to date the girl of high social status. She is a snob in every word and our guy has no chemistry with her whatsoever. Love conquers all. It's better than ever here.

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