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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dkk9823 3 / 10 / 10

Why did they have to dumb it down so much?

I cannot understand why the makers had to dumb down the script so much. So many stupid lines. Why there is this belief that a movie cannot be understood by the "average" viewer? Half the population has an IQ above average by definition. Target them. Such a wasted opportunity. Also, the viewer is so obviously pushed to have an emotional connection with the character, and to make that happen they decided to put a handsome actor talking half stupid, showing so long minutes of love story with the girlfriend but most importantly with the dog (a trip on a motorbike?!?). It seems they put a bit of an effort in the last two lines of the script. What a wasted opportunity. The idea of gravity anomalies should have been explored far more without the cheesy parts. It was supposed to be a sci-fi movie!

Reviewed by rsvp321 1 / 10 / 10

Cliche, after cliche, after cliche, and so on.

I confess to being a sci fi aficionado, and will watch anything with a synopsis that sounds interesting, even in the smallest way - regardless of the rating here. I gave this one a chance, and in the first six minutes I thought it was going to be a hidden gem, then it went rapidly downhill from there. The main character is a very annoying, whining, beta-male that has several tantrums and has a bad drinking problem. His continual grunts, groans, and other loud mouth noises was extremely distracting. The unbelievably bad science aside, even at an elementary school level, the story is completely meaningless and nonsensical. That is a shame, because with proper writers and directing, this intriguing plot could actually have been an excellent indie! It's an unoccupied "planet", but as soon as he gets into the wooded area, we see fallen trees obviously limbed and crosscut by chainsaws! In one closeup, he's using a flat cut stump for a table to work on! Oh, yes he was! ....He also makes a recording giving a scientific analysis that "there's no life on the planet, it's just rocks!" - while he's in a forest and burning branches. If you take chances on indie sci fi movies like I do, save your time on something other than this one. This one should be put on a rocket and fired into the sun!

Reviewed by jayjayvis 1 / 10 / 10

Horrible, just horrible...

Do not waste your time this "movie" is unbelievably stupid, empty and worthless. Stay away!

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