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Chace Crawford as Tyler Simms
Eliza Dushku as City Hall
Robert Patrick as Leslie Chase
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by golfeasv 1 / 10 / 10

do not see it!

If you want to waste your time, very very badly! THIS is the right movie to do it!!

Reviewed by TerribleKatherine 4 / 10 / 10

What did I just watch?

I am baffled quite honestly. I didn't think it was particularly a bad movie; the cast did a good job, especially Dushku, who always delivers. The plot,, well, I did understand it, although that "jumping-from-era-to-era" is something that I do hate in horror movies. I feel like when you don't have a strong enough story or a working script to make things understood by subtle exposition, ghosts and going through the haunted place, you take the characters literally to the past. And when you mix the past and the now.. well, it's usually confusing as f*ck. And maybe I missed something, but Dell just disappeared. I don't recall him killed or anything or maybe I was so bored I missed it. Also, the mother of the siblings, the nurse.. she just didn't come home from work? They didn't search her or anything? Patrick's character most likely killed her because she took the baby away. But when Jacob was locked up in the sanatorium in the end, that meant that Jacob was always there, because he "came back" and was pronounces death at birth?? Was the nurse still missing? Oh god, my head hurts.. SO, because all of this bs, only 4/10. Liked the cast, liked the plot for the most part.. but.. come on, give me a break.

Reviewed by fairlesssam 4 / 10 / 10

A wasted opportunity

This movie is based on real location, Eloise Insane Asylum. Four young adults break into the now derelict Eloise to hunt for a death certificate needed to allow one of the four to claim his inheritance. With a great cast, excellent location and pretty good story it had all the ingredients of a solid horror. Unfortunately it just doesn't gel. There have been many movies similar which have been made much better such as Grave Encounters, Dark Feed, Reel Evil and Sanatorium. There was no atmosphere, it wasn't believable, the performances lacked charisma. It is a watchable film but is disappointing and not one that you would particularly want to re-watch.

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