End of Summer


Drama / Romance

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October 12, 2020



Julian Sands as Warlock
Michael Hogan as Sheriff Stanton
Peter Weller as Driscoll
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ma-cortes 5 / 10 / 10

Love and jealousy by a sensational couple : Jacqueline Bisset and Peter Weller

A spinster named Christine(Jacqueline Bisset) changing her weary life, returns to her annual vacation on Saratoga Springs resort . She finds herself surrounded by misfit group. An old woman named Vera(Elizabeth Sheperd), the General(Michael Hogan), a priest (Julian Sands) and a lover from past named Theo(Peter Weller), the man she loved and lost 20 years before .Then, their passion is rekindled, both willing to retake a second chance, though soon others are complicating the situation . But with appearance her younger pupil (Amy Locane) have problems . She woos to Theo while Christine goes back her home where her father is dieing. Besides the priest is romanced to young woman(Karyn Dwyer). This one contains romance, drama, passions, jealousy and is quite entertaining. Acceptable picture and regency-romance fans will appreciate the attention to detail because is well setting. The film is classified ¨R¨ for strong sex scenes, in spite of being a TV movie. Casting is frankly excellent, their performances are the highlights, Jacqueline Bisset(Rich and famous)is nice as sensible spinster, Peter Weller(Robocop) as a mature,gallant and handsome man, plus, Amy Locale(Cry-baby) as feisty young girl, Julian Sands(Room with a view) as impulsive priest and Polly Shannon in a very secondary role as a maid. The film is correctly directed by Linda Yellen. She's a director and producer of TV movies(Romance of Charles and Diana, Playing for time) and occasionally director for cinema(The Simian line). This television picture will like to romantic-drama fans

Reviewed by phd_travel / 10

A different period drama

Strange story for the time period. A still beautiful Jacqueline Bisset plays a wealthy spinster in Saratoga Springs at summer rejects and old flame. Peter Weller plays the reverend and he is too old for the role and not romantic lead material. He then turns to a young lady. There is a lustful reverend after money for a church. Played by Julian Sands. It's quite pretty looking a film. Acting is good. Interesting outcome.

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