End of the Century



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by eventpix 9 / 10 / 10

Missed connedtion

I have to say that I was getting annoyed when nothing happened for the first ten minutes of this movie but decided to withhold judgment until the end. It turned out, to my mind at least, that it was integral to the plot. Nothing happened. It's difficult to write about this movie without spoilers, mostly because perhaps nothing is as it seems, though that is not particularly apparent for most of the movie. Looking back, how strange is it that a man should come back to a city where he had a one night drunken adventure and then run into the same guy twenty years later wearing a tee shirt he had bought at the time. And why did he come back to that city, that place. It got me to thinking about some guys I could have hooked up with and then didn't. Perhaps you go back, thinking that they might be there in the same place, on the next day and of course they almost never are. But then I found myself thinking about the relationship that clicked for me (fifty years ago) and how different my life would be if I had made one stupid move and let him get away. So I think this a movie, not about the connections that seem to be made in the present but actually about the connection that was missed twenty years ago.

Reviewed by muchoguapo 8 / 10 / 10

Was It Or Wasn't It?

In my humble discernment, the key to making sense of this movie and of its many twists and turns of time and the many ambiguities of the story lines, is that much of the story happens in Ocho's imagination.. If we assume the long, plodding initial scenes depicting Ocho's arrival in Barcelona are real, of his reacting to solitude and loneliness by listlessly wandering the streets, staring vacantly at nothing in particular, until he notices Javi in the plaza below and then later at the beach. At that point the story picks up and grows increasingly intricate and complicated. The ambiguity of the story, however, questions how much of the story actually happened and how much is just Ocho's imagination, just a continuation of his introspective mind through the preceding opening scenes up to that point. How much of the story is actual history and how much is fantasy? It's no surprise that Ocho's and Javi's appearance didn't change during 20 years, if in fact 20 years never went by except in Ocho's mind. Whether the details of the story are real or fantasized, this film tells a true story of the odyssey of a heart as a lonely hunter in quest of a loving human connection. A beautiful film.

Reviewed by jamesparrillo 8 / 10 / 10

Worth the Investment

How would your life be different if you took a different relationship path? That's what gets explored in this poignant film. The director and cinematographer use long, beautiful (and mostly silent) visual narratives to create a sense of isolation for the main character who has recently ended a 20 year relationship. Using flashback/flashforward scenes, the film explores what happens when two men meet again after a hook up that took place 20 years prior.

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