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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jason-1649 1 / 10 / 10

This thing won't let me vote below a 1....

After watching this movie, I just couldn't stop talking about it. Mind you, not in the sense that someone can't stop talking about a great book or show, but more along the line of how someone can't stop talking about their colonoscopy during a diner conversation. In other words, after seeing this you can't help but try and remove the stain it left on your very soul by vomiting out the experience onto others. This movie entered with the tag line of being "written by two of the six writers of 'Scary Movie'!" What they forgot to mention is that the two who wrote it were only responsible for writing the credits and all the jokes deleted for the sake of not causing mass suicide. Put more delicately, this movie almost makes Pootie Tang look Oscar worthy, which ironically enough was made fun of in the last Scary Movie for being horrid. Coincidence? Yeah, not even some sort of Karma dealing fiend would wish this movie upon the world. "So," you ask, "What makes it so bad?" I bet your thinking that all of the funny stuff was in the previews, right? No, actually there was no funny content in the previews at all, it just seemed that way when taken out of the context of the movie. Much the same way "Hogan's Heroes" was funny to people who weren't in Auschwitz during the Holocaust, the previews are funny to those who haven't seen the movie. When you actually see the movie, you start to ask, "Why was that funny in the preview?" The answer: You can see pretty flowers if you ignore the fact that they are growing from the corpse of a man who died during a freak green house accident. Do yourself a favor, rent a History channel documentary on the history of documentaries and hit yourself in the head with a hammer. It'll be twice as funny, make three times more sense, and be only a fifth as painful.

Reviewed by solidgoldchimp 1 / 10 / 10

Not actually a movie...

...but rather just a list of movies that the filmmakers wanted to parody, strung together by the weakest plot in film history and a lot of unfunny jokes. You would think that the team responsible for the mess of a movie that was Date Movie would at least have learned something from their last film to help them avoid the same mistakes, but they didn't. It would appear they spent more time making parodies as visually accurate as they could and spent almost no time trying to make the film entertaining. Some of the parodies seem completely out of place and don't even fit into what little plot there is. I couldn't recommend this film to anyone, not even those I hated.

Reviewed by ghost_drum7 1 / 10 / 10

Epic failure

It's a shame to see films that promise to parody the formulaic and over-constructed nature of "epic" films, but fail, and subsequently conform to what is now the "spoof" genre. In parodying said films, they merely reconstruct the setting (poorly) i.e. Willy Wonka's chocolate river becomes poo. The references to pop culture are 1: over used 2: Poorly used 3: Irrelevant and not funny. It appears that the budget was spent on midgets and a dance choreographer (apparently it is funny when medieval knights, pirates, dwarfs and oompa loompas dance). The narrative is infantile and not remotely funny, no imagination could possibly enjoy the pure nonsense of the characterization. Parody films are meant to parody and this one fails to come even close to funny, it irreverence is pathetic, not hilarious and the writers...well, where to start with them. If you like watching pictures move and people talk, this film is probably for you. If you like films that are intelligent in their parody and genuinely funny, then stick to the Scary Movie catalogue. Even Date Movie was better than this…and that's saying something. This film trades on the pretension that it will be funny…it is not, someone should report it to a fair trading body. I personally wonder what is more disturbing, that people would enjoy this movie, or that Hollywood thinks that people will enjoy it.

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