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Claudia Kim as The Collective
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Nicholas Hoult as David Philips
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Rick-34 5 / 10 / 10

Nice world-building, now tell us an interesting story

Equals is set in a futuristic world where, inexplicably, people have decided to "do away with emotions." Of course this phrase never has any real meaning, since any kind of inclination to do anything can be counted as an emotion. So really it's a sci-fi setting to explore the practice of the suppression of emotions. A problem which has never existed. OK, before I trash the movie too much: the acting is fine, the set design and look are very good, and the world-building is excellent. But what is the story here? Two people who aren't supposed to fall in love do so anyway. Call me a cynic but I need more than that. Compare and contrast Equals with The Lobster, another sci- fi/dystopian movie about suppressing emotions. Rather, The Lobster compares the societal demand that people form couples, regardless of how dysfunctional they are, against an underground movement of people who insist that being single should not be cause for rejection by society (though the rebels go too far the other way, adopting the "no emotional connections" attitude that fits with Equals). Somehow The Lobster manages to fit an interesting and funny story into the world. Equals? It gives us practically nothing. Perhaps this is just a distillation of the concept of Forbidden Love. I really expected more.

Reviewed by orsigyoriog 9 / 10 / 10


It took me so long till I found a trailer that resonated with me. I did not know what to watch, spent so much time figuring what to spend my money on...being very picky. I am GLAD I watched this movie. Great acting. Great, very very great and relevant message. And a nice ending, not too corny! So, do not for a moment hesitate to spend some money and time on this money, it is definitely not a waste. One of the few treasures out there! Should have received more attention though in the media!

Reviewed by sognaconme 9 / 10 / 10

A movie about emotions

I don't know why the film was not succesful, I think it's almost a masterpiece, as someone else in the reviews has already written. It's a real talent to describe the human emotions, I was comparing this movie with "Passengers" an high budget film, with vfx, action, and a great plot, but so lack of emotions, so lack of love. In Passengers I don't believe the two protagonists love each other, I didn't felt nothing. In this little indipendent movie I felt a lot, I falled in love with them. If you as a storyteller achieve this, you have done a good job, In many great budget american movie I don't feel emotions, just some entertainment. So thank you Drake Doremus, you made me feel something.

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