Escape from Tomorrow

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Ryan_MYeah 1 / 10 / 10

What the hell?

You ever wonder what it would be like if Terrence Malick vacationed in Walt Disney World, drank moonshine and had an acid flashback while on It's A Small World, and then immediately afterwards stared at Spaceship Earth while a bunch of kids ran by? That's pretty much this film. I like the idea of the film fine, and it's cool to see all the little areas in Walt Disney World that I know so well (I may have been in this film and not even known it), but the film gets lost in its own thematic context. Is it's message that our instabilities will follow us even in so-called safe havens? Is it a pandemic allegory? Is it a sexuality parable? Not that it can't be all of those, but I don't think even the movie knows what it's talking about. Beyond that, the film is positively horrendous, with laughable attempts at psychological terror and ambiguity, unbearable dialogue and acting, groan inducing imagery (Don't make me mention the Siemens "semen"), amateurish photography and editing (which I do still understand given the film's shooting circumstances), appalling special effects, ear grating music choices, and structuring so incompetent, it can't even keep its own locations straight. If the movie is taking place in Disney World, WHY ARE YOU ALSO JUMPING TO DISNEYLAND FOOTAGE?! I could spend hours picking apart the geographical errors alone, but that's secondary at this point. Escape From Tomorrow is a classic example that it doesn't matter how original your story is if the actual execution (which should matter above all else) is awful.

Reviewed by matweed-844-558796 1 / 10 / 10

Great concept, lacks follow-through

The idea of a man finding out he's been laid off or fired on the last day of his vacation, then suffering a mental breakdown has an interesting appeal. However, the plot was uneven (some mental breakdown, some interest in way-to-young women, some random interludes with older women). The guerrilla filming was great, but the story of mental breakdown could have (should have) been better, instead of being a random set of stories of a degenerate man who isn't faithful, and puts his needs above his family's. Based on descriptions, I expected a story about mental breakdown due to stress, but instead, it's more about the guerrilla filming style. He should have spent more time on the script.

Reviewed by leaugebrett 1 / 10 / 10

My First "1" on IMDB

I was intrigued by the premise of Escape from Tommorow after stumbling across a trailer a few weeks ago, with the notion of horror/paronia flooding a family during a day at Disney World sounding unique. After finishing this painfully boring and uncreative slog of a film, I realized the whole black-and-white and "guerilla-style" film making, being a huge selling point of the film, was entirely a gimmick. I'm expecting most of this film's slim budget went towards getting Disney Park passes for the cast and crew, because the acting is atrocious (especially with the children and wife) the special effects are entry level After Effects, and the writing is piss poor. The various "twists" throughout the film are idiotic, the character motivations non exsistent (the father character literally stumbling through most of the plot trying to chase a pair of teenage girls in some unexplained perversion), and the Disney setting is painfully underutilizied (I'm sure this was partly because of legal issues). Escape From Tommorow is one of the worst films I've ever seen. It's not even a worthwhile watch if you're looking for a B-Movie horror film. Not recommended under any circumstances.

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