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Dan Fogler as J.J. Samson
Daniel Wu as Prince Wu Luan
Embeth Davidtz as The Actress
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by yws-51268 9 / 10 / 10

I am grabbed

I met accidantally this film in tv this afternoon. And I took my arm-chair right in that moment. This film seemed so "different", with perfect cutting, realistic shots, punched in the middle. This film is exactly the type which most of the movie guttlers find unbearably boring. That is why this grabbed my feelings at the first sight, I think. This is really rare case. Not a block buster, no spectator magnet effects, no world wide stars (although some of the actors are familiar), no big entrance. Only continuous thrill, with eye-candy, documentary style steady shots, professional setting, artless actions. This seemed a rather "European" film for me. (Also I am.) This is not for a joke only. Other people would call this "indie". Somehow I also felt some actors European, too (and I was right.) Actually I should have to see mostly American films and trite tv series, this is the world now, this is why I don't spend too much time on tv. But sometimes I meet something different, and I enjoy those occasions. This film is really a different American movie. This is why you will love this, if you are a little accomplished sci-fi reader. In the middle of the time I noticed that the style of the story took into my mind the Polish grand master of the sci-fi, Stanislaw Lem. The final track of the story {SPOILER} turned to the side-thread of Arthur C. Clarke's 2010.{/SPOILER} But this is an early work of an almost beginner writer, inspired by a Laird Barron story, reportedly. It worked well. I was sorry to see that the makers did not earn serious money with this film. There isn't justice in the world of movies. If you like sci-fi, and not only space actions and aliens, then seek for this film. Don't let the dragging reviews disadvise from a fine, although slightly saddening entertainment. You will meet a rememberable experiance.

Reviewed by writerjayesh 7 / 10 / 10

Gripping Till the end

This is a film made by heart. If you are a true Sci-fi lover, Don't miss this movie. Flawless Script and honest performances. Characterisation is humane.You remember these characters for a long time after the film is over.

Reviewed by Neddy Merrill 7 / 10 / 10

As interesting as "Moon" and as suspenseful as "Jaws"

The parallels to "Moon" with Sam Rockwell as a malfunctioning and unaware clone are pretty straightforward. The script operates within the limits of hard science fiction although the Europa 1 spacecraft has high ceilings and interior space that would be the envy of most Manhattan apartment dwellers. Both movies unfold quietly with expertly timed revelations that don't feel like the narrative manipulations they clearly are. Other than the realistic set feeling like a sound stage, the rest of both films feel nearly as realistic as Katherine Champion's "The Hurt Locker". The less obvious comparison here, however, is to Spielberg's original "Jaws". We only received glimpses of Bruce the Shark largely because the mechanical rig didn't work. However, the ominous, lurking, suggested but unseen presence of the eventual creature raises the suspense factor more than all the industrial- sized puppets or CGI ever could. The cast does tend to blend together a bit and the dialog lacks spark and wit but the elegant and rhythmic storytelling makes up for much of the shortcomings. In short, well worth the view.

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