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Colin Ford as Matthew Steed
Debby Ryan as Nikki
Maria Bello as Jocelyn
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TheArgentWolf 1 / 10 / 10

Absolutely nothing compared to the book

I absolutely loved the book, and was thrilled to know that it was being released as a movie - until I watched it, and was heartbroken. The perspective is told entirely from Rihannon's point of view, whereas the book is completely from A's. An entire side-plot related to Nathan was completely dropped, barely mentioned as an aside, and pointless characters were given lots of screen time while hardly having a mention in the book. Mechanics of A's ability are completely changed just to suit the 'teen romance' of the movie, and what I felt were important body switches, showing real diversity, were either completely ignored, or underplayed. The movie could've done so much for representation, but it just didn't care to. If you can watch this and separate from the book, or aren't reading the book at all, honestly it plays as an averagely low-budget, dull teen movie, with nothing special going for it.

Reviewed by SamJohnson1 6 / 10 / 10

The obvious solution

So why not simply have A wait until he inhabits the body of some unfortunate tall soul with nice shoulders and a skinny frame but without a close family or friends? Then he'd be ethically sound saving that person and able to be with the one he loves...forever. The choosing to leave for a fragmented existence made no sense.

Reviewed by tiffanytrnx 6 / 10 / 10


If I didn't read the book, my rating might have been higher, but there were lots of scenes from the book that I would have enjoyed in the movie. For instance, most of the book is about Nathan trying to find out who A is. I would have loved to see that, but unfortunately they cut it down to just a few scenes with Nathan. The acting was great and what was presented was good, but if I had to choose between the movie and the book, I'd pick the book. So if you get the chance, read the book. You'll really enjoy it, especially if you enjoyed this movie.

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