Eve's Christmas


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Cheryl Ladd as Diane Simon
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nancydrew-1 10 / 10 / 10

A second chance time travel MUST see movie!

I love time travel and if you do too then this is a great movie. I think this movie makes you feel like all those times you wish you could go back and do one little thing different. Elisa Donovan is not as bad as other reviewer wrote.To me she fits the character of Eve in a very positive way. A little arrogant and selfish at first until she is faced with what really matters. I think that Cheryl Ladd is also good in this mother role. This movie kept me guessing exactly what choice Eve would make. Set at Christmas time makes this all the more charming with a twist of magic and miracles.This is just as refreshing as "Comfort and Joy"with Nancy McKeon,which I also recommend highly! If you like time travel and romance then watch this movie!!!

Reviewed by BGsNana 8 / 10 / 10

Delightful Christmas movie

I know this movie is akin to Family Man, Back to the Future, and It's a Wonderful Life, etc. but that does not make it any less enjoyable. (I preferred the ending to that of Family Man.) Eve Stevens is a lonely career woman, spending Christmas Eve in a bar and watching families and couples walking by. She begins to wonder what success has really brought her. Leaving the bar, Eve bumps into Brother James who whispers, "wish upon the Christmas Star." Once she returns home, Eve pulls out her old photo album filled with pictures of her hometown. The photo of herself at 21 with her then-fiancée, Scott, makes her feel even more lonely. Stepping outside, she sees the Christmas Star... makes a wish and goes to bed. What follows next is Eve's second chance, and once she comes to terms with the reality that this is not just a dream, she is faced with making the same decision all over again... this time knowing what the results will be. Not being a movie critic, I feel free to enjoy the movie for the story and not get wrapped up in performances and plots. I thought it was a very enjoyable, entertaining movie. I'm glad to see this has come out on DVD so I don't have to wait for it to come around during the holiday season, I will enjoy watching it again.

Reviewed by ange_gabb 8 / 10 / 10

A Holiday Charmer

Not since 1980's Somewhere in Time, starring Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour, have I enjoyed as charming a film as Eve's Christmas. I even love the catchy title, transposing "Christmas Eve" to convey that the title character embodies, from a secular perspective, the essence of Christmas spirit. After each viewing, I am left with a tingly feeling that a person sometimes can be granted a second chance at love in the tender embrace of his or her soulmate. Eve's Christmas, a fast-paced, sparkling fantasy, definitely is aimed at female audiences but, especially in these turbulent times, might find many fans among males. Not only do men also need a harmless escape now and then, but, like women, they are 10 pounds heavier after Thanksgiving and need a spiritual lift from the holiday blues (not to mention a distraction from their pockets becoming lighter). I might add that the acting in the film is satisfactory, and I find that Cheryl Ladd (who portrays Eve's mom) is more attractive in her autumnal years than in her "Charlie's Angels" days -- or should I say, daze. I love the scene when mom and daughter sit in the living room, and Eve gets a chance to hear her mother confess that she had flirted once with the road less traveled. Eve's Christmas reminds us all that, no matter how intellectual we have become as we age, the little girl (or boy) in all of us yearns for the miracle of What Could Have Been. Time-travel films, whether on TV or the big screen, are delightful vehicles for reaffirming the fluid, non-linear properties of romance. It does not matter -- logically or metaphysically speaking -- who the prince (or princess) turns out to be in these films, as long as love itself is the winner in the time-trek game. So, once again, like other chick-flick-loving gals, I await repeated airings in December of Eve's Christmas and other cable films of its ilk that transport me and you to that perfect dimension of time -- orchestra, please -- The Romantic Zone.

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