Evil Dead Trap 2


Drama / Horror / Mystery / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by trique_7 10 / 10 / 10

Unexpected achievement

I went into this film expecting an exploitation-style otaku-for-her and was pleasantly surprised by way of the contrary. For as admittedly ghastly as are much of the acts of violence, the filmmakers succeeded wonderfully in somehow making it look somehow beautiful. I'm thinking specifically here of the fight scene between the two female leads with the white "curtains" providing wonderful contrast to the bloodshed. I can't think of a comparable genre in my country to compare with this. It is no mean feat to successfully inject a psycho killer / gore film with enough symbolism and outstanding camera-work and choreography to leave the viewer with the feeling that he or she just experienced some wonderfully violent art film wrought with psychological complexity and morally ambiguous characterization. The film succeeds on many levels but stands highest as an unexpected achievement in genre subversion.

Reviewed by freakus 10 / 10 / 10

Not quite as brutally horrifying as the original, but very original.

The best part of this movie is the choice of the protagonist. It's not often you see a female in the role of serial killer and Aki is not a supersexy villain type either. She's a very average, plain woman in a boring job. The fact that she's also a twisted killer is that much more of a contrast than your average Hollywood production. That this all may stem from abortion trauma gives this film an unusual spin.

Reviewed by indianmansteamer 10 / 10 / 10

A Blisteringly Important Contemporary Masterpiece

Evil Dead Trap 2, the film, is many things. It is a brilliantly crafted series of ultra-violent sequences. It is an engaging story of a fat female projectionist in a sick sick world. It is a mind-blowing statement for the wide range of violent acts that it covers. It is a deceptively abstract story centering on perhaps the some of the most meaningless terrors in all of moviedom. Behind all that, Evil Dead Trap 2 is the apex Japanese new-wave cinema. There is not a major director today who has not been influenced by the genius Izô Hashimoto put forth in this blisteringly important contemporary masterpiece. The filmacts as a spring-board centering around a group of weirdos instigating several serial murders, guts/entrails, freely yanked from the victims vaginal cavities, dangle like bleeding wet noodles on a hot summer's day, and goes from there. From there on, the viewer is thrown into a gloriously chaotic world of violent acts upon violent acts, in which the viewer slowly learns just about everything about young Aki's enthralling depravities. From her trying childhood to her inexplicable visions of the child-like Christ/Antichrist figure, Hideki; to her difficulties relating to others, the story of fat babe Aki is presented for the viewer in a way that few other movies can offer, in a word: magically. Evil Dead Trap 2, undeniably, is THE triumph of World Cinema, and as such thus exceeds by far -- one of the greatest films every created -- it's predecessor.

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