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Reviewed by Mark Turner 7 / 10 / 10

A Trip to the Video Store

Back in the age of video, when VHS was the method of weekend movie viewing, the mom and pop stores competed with major chains by offering some off the beaten track movies. These were mostly made for video features but on occasion there were movies that hadn't fared all that well at the box office but seemed to do major business on tape. Most of these were horror films and in fact a number of directors making major movies today cut their teeth on these films. Those stores were packed with box art that caught the eye and helped to develop a cult following for a number of films. EVIL ED was one such movie. The plot isn't overly developed. Money hungry film executive Sam Campbell has his hands on series of slasher films called the LOOSE LIMBS series. The problem is overexposure to the films leads to homicidal tendencies. His last editor locked himself up and eventually had to be killed to get his hands back on the print. In an effort to have them toned down enough to pass censorship inspection Sam transfers mild mannered Ed Swenson to his department, Splatter & Gore, to edit the films. Ed is sent to a home Sam has set up just for this project with the first film in hand. The more Ed watches the weirder things get. He begins hallucinating, seeing a tiny demon running around the house. With each successive film Ed watches his darker side emerges, a violent psychopathic side that comes out when people stop by and interrupt his project. The question is will he edit the film as instructed? Will it eventually drive him completely mad? And will his homicidal tendencies erupt on an unsuspecting town, including his wife and daughter? While it sounds simple, and in a way it is, the film puts on display all of those things that helped it develop the cult following that it has. The box art may have garnered the interest of gore hounds but not all movies with great cover art delivered. EVIL ED delivers on all levels. The story holds your interest and the gore level is about a 9 on a 10 scale, something gore hounds reveled in at the time and still do. Here's the kicker. The movie may have been released on VHS but it happened about the time that video stores were beginning to die out. This may be part of the reason that fans were scouring to find it for such a long time, rarity. Made in Sweden while there was still a censorship board at the time it was intended to make fun of that board. The film makers were ridiculed by the board at the time. It seems they've had the last laugh as the film has now been given a superb treatment by Arrow Video and found its way to blu-ray. The release of this film by Arrow was greeted with glee by the horror community. Message boards and Facebook posts were agog that they now had a chance to own this film in the best way possible. Honestly Arrow Video has provided this film with so many goodies and in such great shape that it makes you wonder why major studios don't offer as good a product on mainstream titles as they do on theirs. First off there are two versions of the film included here. Then we get to the extras. Wow. Included is a reversible sleeve with newly commissioned artwork by Graham Humphreys, a collector's booklet with writing by film critic James Oliver, the world premiere of the newly-extended version of the feature, the "Keep Em Heads Rolling" making of documentary, a featurette on the creation of the Special Edition cut, deleted scenes, bloopers, teasers and trailers, a still gallery and "Lost in Brainland" a never before seen extended 3 hour version of the making of documentary. Yes, a 3 hour making of which means it's nearly twice as long as the movie itself! Let's face it, this is not Oscar material here folks. It is plain and simple a gore filled horror film for fans of both horror and gore. It is a tribute to the movies that came from the eighties and lined the shelves of video stores everywhere. It is a poke in the eye at censors both in content and commentary in the story. For fans it will be something to sit with friends and have a good laugh over. For non-fans it will be a horror film that will test their limits. And, as always, it is more proof that Arrow Video is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to releasing films not quite mainstream but with the effort put behind it as if it were CITIZEN KANE. Kudos once more to them and their quest to be a favorite with fans.

Reviewed by Scott LeBrun 4 / 10 / 10

Don't thank me. Thank science!

Eddie Tor Swenson (Johan Rudebeck) is a mild mannered film technician who is one day transferred to the Splatter and Gore Department at his company. His new job is to go through the MILES of gore footage assembled for a slasher series called "Loose Limbs", and edit it for distribution. Within a short time, the task has driven him insane and made him murderous. As Eddie suffers various hallucinations, one of his would be victims (Per Lofberg) realizes that he will have to play the hero role. This viewer went into this one totally blind, not sure what to expect. What he got was basically what the ad copy asserted: an effectively gory love letter to some of the nastiest horror films of the 1980s and early 1990s. "The Evil Dead", "Re-Animator", Peter Jacksons' early output, etc. Horror fans are certain to be delighted, at least for a while. The movie has a refreshingly unpredictable quality (for the most part), and it does mix a healthy amount of surrealism into its outrageousness. After a while, though, it does lose a little steam, with the best material (like a WTF sequence with a hungry imp in a refrigerator) over and done with. In true slasher fashion, Eddie becomes a one man wrecking crew, making mincemeat out of the majority of the people who would foil him. The makeup effects are quite fun. While it's never as truly over the top splattery as, say, Jacksons' "Braindead", it dishes out some choice brutality. On his way to becoming the hero, Lofberg takes more than his fair share of punishment. Some of the performances are pretty straight-faced, if the characters call for it, but the ones who have the most fun are the ones who go the broadest. Rudebeck looks like he's having a ball as a horror-comedy heavy. And there's a respectable bevy of very sexy female cast members. Pretty funny, overall, if never quite uproarious. Director Anders Jacobsson plays a car driver; American genre star Bill Moseley is billed as giving a special guest star vocal performance. Seven out of 10.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 4 / 10 / 10

Comic gore fest from Sweden is nothing special

An interesting look into the world of the BBFC? A study of James Ferman's daily life? No such luck. However, EVIL ED remains strangely topical, especially for UK viewers who will no doubt find themselves intrigued by the story of a censor who is driven insane by the films he views. Films like this make me wonder about the future of horror. I mean, where is it going? Jaded audiences are so used to seeing gore effects in mainstream movies today that another pint of blood won't hurt, or another, or another. It seems to me that nothing is ever going to be remotely scary anymore. EVIL ED is a perfect example of this. Whereas 10 years earlier we laughed at an eyeball flying into an open mouth, we're now supposed to laugh at someone getting repeatedly punched in the face and bleeding heavily from the beating. There is a violence overload in this film. To distinguish it from all of the other horror films coming out these days, this one is actually foreign, a Swedish movie. It's got a simple plot, which is little more than an excuse for lots of bad overacting, nudity, and gore. The acting ranges from atrocious to pretty average, at least everyone realises they're in a comedy film here. The actor playing Sam Campbell (get it?) is fairly efficient, while the EVIL ED character isn't bad, especially as he slowly becomes insane (shown by his hair getting wilder, and getting covered in more and more blood). The horror takes a back seat to the comedy, and it's what you would expect from a foreign film of this type (i.e. pretty spaced out humour, ranging from extremely dark to extremely childish in form). There's a lot of gore in the film to enjoy, and which keeps you watching, but it's very rubbery, much like the gore in BRAINDEAD (no doubt an inspiration). It's mildly entertaining, if not exactly intellectual. Apart from that, watch out for plot discrepancies and lots of general silliness which may or may not be to your liking. The makers of this film were obviously big horror fans, as loads of references to the EVIL DEAD series have been included, as well as 'homages' to stuff like GREMLINS which gets annoying after a while (where's the originality these days?). Yep, I just knew they would have a camera rushing through murky corridors, a la Mr Raimi. EVIL ED is nothing special but it does pass the time if you're VERY desperate or if you want to take a look at foreign cinema.

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