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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Red-Barracuda 5 / 10 / 10

Computers and killer pigs

An army cadet is bullied by four other students and some authority figures. One day he is sent to clean the old church basement as a punishment and, while there, he finds a secret room which contains an ancient Satanic Mass book. He discovers that passages from it can reincarnate a 16th century Satanist called Esteban. Using a computer, he revives Esteban and has bloody revenge on all those from the academy who have wronged him. Evilspeak was another early 80's horror movie that found itself onto the UK video nasty list. These were the films considered so offensive that they threatened the moral fabric of Britain back in the day. As a result it was banned and, naturally, has benefited ever since from the notoriety. Like most on that list it's difficult to understand what all the fuss was about with this one. If anything it proves that the censors back then were a spectacularly over-sensitive and humourless group of people. Because it's well-nigh impossible to see how they could have thought anyone could have taken this film seriously enough to then go out and commit acts of violence. This is a film about a possessed computer after all. It features a horde of man-eating pigs and has a climax where the hero floats through the air wielding a big sword. To my knowledge, none of these things has ever cropped up in the news in the years since Evilspeak was released. How is it as a film? It's fun, if nothing too impressive. It takes it's time to get to the horror stuff to be fair, although this does allow for more character development. The main guy Cling Howard (Ron's brother) is pretty decent and is a guy that's easy to root for. The film is essentially a nerd revenge flick and the bullies are an appalling bunch of cretins. So you are willing them to be dispensed with in as nasty a way as possible. And to be fair, the climax is pretty good with all manner of gory mayhem ensuing. Evilspeak is kind of a hybrid of Carrie with early 80's computer technology…with demon pigs thrown in for good measure. It's one of those horror films from the time that is kind of crazed but pretty imaginative, so it's easy to get onside with this one.

Reviewed by rcasper69 4 / 10 / 10

best damn horror movie of the genre

First of all, don't believe what other users are out there trying to tell you about this movie being crap.They don't know what REAL horror is all about, they believe that jason and freddy are true horror and gore,not at all.I grew up watching truly good horror like evilspeak,dr. butcher.these movies were some of the greats,where they can actually show gore and all,,not like movies now where you see a knife and the next screen shows them dead,that's not horror and it doesn't even scare kids whatsoever.anyway back to evilspeak,it has its share of gore,don't believe otherwise,the movie is a great revenge plot by a young clint howard and I'm still amazed to this day at the special efx for that period,damn great.I give it a two thumbs up.Definitely a must see for TRUE and REAL gore fans alike,not recommended for people who didn't grow up in that time.Again,still the best damn movie for its time.10 thumbs up

Reviewed by Aaron1375 4 / 10 / 10

Watched it as a kid, but still remember that Clint Howard floating through the air finale.

Yes, I saw this movie once as a kid and I still remember the ending quite clearly. I also remember that other than the ending and the beginning and a scene involving pigs in the middle the movie really was not much to speak off. I can remember a bit of the plot as it involved a military school of some kind and Clint Howard's character not really fitting in and being constantly harassed by the other cadets. What I am not sure of is how he tapped into the power he used at the end to exact his revenge in the first place. He did dabble a bit here and there in satanic symbols and such, but just not sure how the computer in the end gave him power and possessed him with this ancient guy seen in the first scene of the flick. Still, there is gore in this movie and some good kills in the ending scene from what I remember, though if I watched it now I would probably be flabbergasted by how fake it looked. In the end though I can probably safely say this is one of those horror movies that is kind of a set up movie. A horror movie where the entire picture is mainly setting up for the ending and in the end all hell breaks loose. "Devil's Rain" is another one I know that does that, but this one has a bit better story to get to where it is going than that one. Still, a five minute scene does not make an entire movie, this just needed better filler in the middle.

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