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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mov-758-95684 9 / 10 / 10

Human-heroes, not super-heroes

Just bear with me for the first 15 minutes or so, then you'll find yourself immersed into the movie. This doesn't mean that you can sleep for the first 15 min, because you may miss the subtly cute story line. This movie is highly recommended to anyone tired of those superhero Hollywood movies. In this movie there is no Silvester Stallon or Bruce Willis; there is no evil villain to kick ass. Here we have real human heroes, who may be my brothers, sisters, friends, neighbors, or even myself, struggling in a crisis and managing to find a way to survive. In fact, these main characters are not even presented nicely. That was a pretty bad or clumsy job if the directors tried to present them as "heroes." Maybe they didn't, or maybe that's how these Koreans portray heroes. Again, this is not a Hollywood movie. Some story lines and acting will be kind of hard to follow if you are not used to non-Hollywood movies. Maybe it is cultural differences. Just accept them as "different, maybe that's how they do things" rather than "awkward, so must be bad." The bottom line is, aside from small kinks and flaws, you won't be able to turn away from the screen for one and half hours and appreciate every movement during the rock climbing scenes.

Reviewed by vi-nino 8 / 10 / 10

I'm terrified..

I enjoyed the movie but i can't "just" watch it. Every scene make me frightened and nervous. Don't know what to say to review this film, because words are not enough to describe it. This is one of the best movie I've ever watched this year. Spectacular!!

Reviewed by hiraishinnojutsu 8 / 10 / 10

Koreans did it again!!!

Ok, from now on, I would watch every excellent-rated korean movie in theaters just like I have done for years for the hollywood ones, in fact, I found out just recently (and a little bit too late) korean movies filled the mundane western movies with excitement that comes from the details that none of the western directors has ever thought before. 'Exit' is a good example to describe for what I have mentioned. it may not be as masterful as 'Parasite', the previous korean movie I watched in the theater (the first one to be precise, and it was very, very satisfying), but, almost from the beginning to the end, you would hardy catch a breath for the action it provides as the hero and the heroine of the story, hand in hand, struggle to escape (the word that I would use had I been the director instead of 'Exit', it's more fitting to me) the clutch of a sea of lethal artificial gas using the skills the main character gain from a hobby many of his relatives find useless to support him survive living in 21st century (South) Korea. his escaping struggle is kind of like a perfect metaphor for his (and maybe many people in the world) struggle in real world: escaping the crumbling of his life by nonstoppingly seeking jobs in many companies, that they end up rejecting. One thing I like from the metaphored message conveyed in the end of the movie that can and very possible to happen anytime to us in our life: no matter how closed our path is, no matter how pessimistic we are, if we keep struggling, keep moving forward, keep fighting for ourselves (while not forgetting to provide a helping hand to those who really need it), keep opening new doors to new paths, our goals and us will one day cross path. And it's Inevitable.....

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