Exorcism at 60,000 Feet



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Adrienne Barbeau as Rosemary
Bai Ling as Kim Lee
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by natcalgary 3 / 10 / 10

take a hard pass on this

Not even sure how this is rated 5 right now. this movie is not even a 3, bad acting plot and well everything. 2.9

Reviewed by rband-40103 2 / 10 / 10

Just a wild and whacky ride.

In this horrible time of a pandemic with at least 35 million people out of work and a looming depression, this film is just a bit of fun comic relief. It spoofs a variety of films, characters and stereotypes and is simply a bit of silly entertainment. So what's wrong with that? NOTHING !!! I was actually shocked by a few reviews which stated that the producers should be sued for ripping off The Exorcist and Airplane. Did they even read the title??? The WHOLE movie is a spoof on all of these. So.....for the PC crowd.....either lighten up for just over 90 minutes or don't even bother. For the rest of us....... just be happy that you can board this particular flight and practice your social distancing at the same time!

Reviewed by MikeHunt1075 2 / 10 / 10

The Excorcist parody that forgot to be funny.... and a disgrace it's trying to be Airplane 3. BLASPHEMY.

This is a pretty uneventful attempt at a parody horror comedy that just fails to deliver due to the jokes not being funny. It's not a slapstick kind of funny, like the terrible onslaught of last centuries "(insert name here)-movie" so called parody films, this one just doesnt hit any home runs on the jokes it does attempt. It begins as The Excorcist, using the Excorcist theme music, but doesn't deliver any laughs. Already this film is outdone in every way by Scary Movie 2 and Reposessed. The film then attempts to become Airplane/Flying High, only what is missing is the comedic genious of Jim Abrahams and David & Jerry Zucker... instead we have a cluster fluff of confusing plot lines, annoying un-funny characters and god awful, lame or jokes you get, they're just not funny enough to even smirk at.... actually, that's not true, I laughed once, but I'm a sucker for a good gross tampon gag... But apart from that, the film steers the plane it's mainly set on into a nose dive on a garunteed doom ride to an unavoidable disaster. The film I'm also convinced has stolen the Airplane/Flying High theme. I think someone behind this movie has tried to pass this film off as Airplane/Flying High 3.... the story of a plane being possessed by a demon.... nope.... the comedy here doesn't hold a candle even close to Airplane/Flying High 2 and it's just an insult to fans of comedy in general if anyone accepts this as the 3rd movie we never got. The stars of the film don't save the film any grace. Lance Hendrikson would appear at the opening of an envelope these days. His portrayal of the pilot is no shining role. His co-pilot I haven't seen since he was Beni in The Mummy, and Adrianne whats-her-name... well, let's face it, she hasn't had a decent role since The Cannonball Run... having said that, take note none of those known name actors are the main cast. The main cast consists of two irritating flight stewards and a priest with no comedic timing. Overall, it's great to see someone's attempting to make parody films again after those two clowns killed the genre with their terrible (insert name)-movie titles, but this one just has no idea how to make a joke work in anyway shape or form... just like the (insert name)-movies, but in a different way (they don't just have actors dress up as pop culture characters and think it's funny to see them fart or fall over etc)

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