Exorcist II: The Heretic



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James Earl Jones as Judge Issacs
Linda Blair as Janice Abbott
Louise Fletcher as Mrs. Kemler
Max von Sydow as Captain Ortiz
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Tracy Winters 2 / 10 / 10

Excrement II: The Heresy

Confusing, bumbling, totally unnecessary gibberish presented as a 'sequel' to the original film. It was too much to ask that the fools in Hollywood leave the first film alone, so they made this messy garbage which includes an evil spirit, an African tribe, several unlikable American characters, and something about locusts. Dick Burton is in this with his haughty accent and over-acting which is enough to scare the devil out of any possessed individual. I give this stupidity 2 stars for Linda Blair's boobs.... 1 star for each boob.

Reviewed by MonsterVision99 2 / 10 / 10

Way better than what I was expecting.

After hearing all the negative comments people made about the movie I was expecting this to be a really awful sequel to one of my favorite films of all time. I wasn't going into it with the intention of hating it, I just thought it would be horrible, and surprise, surprise, it turned out to be a really great experience. "The Exorcist II: The Heretic" doesn't have much in common with the original film, but looking at it as its own thing, as its own story, I must say that it manages to be really entertaining and captivating. Some people find it to be incoherent, silly and nonsensical, and it kinda of is, I can see how people wouldn't like it, but hating it like people hate it now? is just inconceivable to me. Its not a film that you are meant to be scare of, its a film that will take you in a surreal experience, its one of the closest things I have seen on film that resembles a dream. It doesn't stray away from the plot enough to be compared to something like "Eraserhead" and its not as straightforward as the original was, the original was a great tale told in a very classy and frightening way. This movie falls somewhere in between those two and I believe it balances the surreal scenes well enough so that you care about whats happening on screen without them being distracting or too weird, but doesn't linger too much on the most mundane dialog scenes. I find the silly scenes to be quite fitting within the films mood and tone, I don't find them distracting or funny just mesmerizing. I would say that this is not a movie for everyone, not even for the most hardcore horror fans but I loved it. There's some genius camera work in this film, every shot could work as a magnificent painting on my wall, it has some memorable and fascinating scenes and themes, also, the music is quite riveting.

Reviewed by BA_Harrison 2 / 10 / 10

Mother... make it stop!

I'm not a particularly massive fan of William Friedkin's The Exorcist: it definitely has its moments, but there's a fair bit of waffle to go with the scares. John Boorman's Exorcist II, on the other hand, is ALL waffle. As horror sequels go, this is easily one of the worst, an overly talky effort that does away with the shocking content of the original in favour of a pseudo 'scientific bunkum meets spiritual clap-trap' approach that is both utterly confusing and extremely boring, leaving the viewer longing for a 360 degree head rotation or a torrent of pea soup. Richard Burton is the star of this disaster, playing Father Philip Lamont, who is given the task of investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of Father Merrin (Max Von Sydow); Burton is joined by Louise Fletcher as psychologist Dr. Gene Tuskin who is attempting to delve into the subconscious of Regan (Linda Blair), who might be still be under the influence of demon Pazuzu. All three central performances are uniformly awful, although at least Blair lights up the screen with her cherubic good looks. 1/10, plus one extra point for James Earl Jones dressed up a locust, the New York high rise apartment with massive gaps in its balcony railings, and Dr. Tuskin's mind synchroniser, which consists of a pair of pulsating desk lamps and some rubber head straps with wires on. Hilarious!

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