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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by SkidSears 1 / 10 / 10

Why isn't this a Youtube video?

This movie has been a revelation. Who would have thought that being on holiday and free to do whatever you please is actually more pleasant than working a stressful 9 to 5 job? It only takes our protagonist a few weeks in a Canadian national park to come to this realization which he then proudly presents to his camera while putting his sophisticated selfie-vlog techniques to use. For a second he seems to be wondering why it is that not everyone spends their lives on holiday. But being on holiday isn't always as easy as it seems. Our traveling couple finds themselves not adhering to US visa regulations which gets them stuck in Vancouver for three whole weeks. This is clearly a stressful time for the two and their dog as they lack the ability to come up with anything to actually do other than walking within a radius of 30 feet around their bus and filming themselves in front of nature. Luckily, they have family fly over the Atlantic ocean to help them keep busy during these tough times. Even though everything works out, this horrible experience is still gnawing at our progatonist and we get to watch him whine about it while driving down the Californian coastline. And there's more hardship to come. Because who could have ever expected that the climate gets warmer towards the equator? Long story short, the couple drag their pet dog into a climate in which the breed usually tends to die -- which the dog then promptly starts his best attempt to do. Bringing the dog home and continuing the journey without him would have probably gone over poorly with the reviewers, so our female lead covers the poor thing in ice packs while her boyfriend is driving them through the desert. In Tulum though, the dog decides that he's had enough of their crap. The couple is forced to cut their holiday short, book a flight back home and spend their last couple of days snorkeling, filming themselves running into the ocean and showing off their Spanish skills by calling everything "muy bonito" while their dog is hanging out at the vet's office trying not to make this film flop by actually dying. The theme of "finding happiness" quickly gets lost because let's be honest, our protagonists can't actually come up with anything meaningful anyway. But we get to watch them enjoy a nice holiday and maybe one day it'll help them become really successful Youtubers.

Reviewed by nugentch-1 2 / 10 / 10

Millennials Whine Their Way Across A Continent.

Where to begin. I have traveled my entire life... a lot. I have never met two more unprepared people to make a long trip. Long story made short. This is about two millennials that apparently are loaded with cash that want to travel into happiness and bliss. Unfortunately that is not how real travel works. They whine about a border crossing into the US taking two hours when they are traveling with a sick dog. This rant evolves into how bad the US is compared with the rest of the world. Apparently the US government was not prepared to shut the border down to accommodate these two poor children. They travel to Death Valley with no air conditioning and are surprised that it is hot there. Their dog (long-haired and bred for the mountains has heat stroke. What a surprise? Once in Mexico they visit a drug cartel boss. But that's cool. Someone who destroys humans' lives is OK because they did get a tour of a pepper factory. Afterwards they feed the dog taco meat and are surprised that he gets sick. I mean really? These two kids are impossible. They decide to end their trip in Mexico and that is a good thing. They would never have survived Central America. There, a border crossing can take a whole day, even when you aren't importing an animal. They would have spent days whining about it. They wanted to go all the way to Argentina with the bus. How were they expecting to get the bus to South America? There are no roads. They would have had to clean out their trust funds to ship the bus there. Maybe they had the money. Money was never an issue to them for the rest of the trip. Research is not a strong point for these two. They are surprised by regulations at border crossing. Flying a drone over Niagara Falls is illegal (they did it anyway). Selling a vehicle in Mexico is illegal (they did it anyway). Best title for this flick: Endless Selfies with Mood Music

Reviewed by iemdeboer 2 / 10 / 10

So bored I came here and read the reviews instead.

I got quite excited at the beginning when the couple buys an old schoolbus, thinking "you could make something so cool and cosy out of this". But no, let's make it heavy af AND boring af with all the useless white and storebought crap. First things that came to my mind and stayed there for the entire 40 minutes I forced myself to watch; how much must this have cost and where the heck do they get the money from?! It's like money never plays a role in life, until you have to literally pay for your own mistakes at the border of the USA, then you mope about for three weeks and then some. Because omg life is so hard right now. I got to despise this empty, narcissistic and self entitled homevideo of their failed holiday. There is no insight, story or sense of reality and the filming is monotomous and abismal with dirty lenses throughout. Their ignorance of caring for a dog is infuriating! Why do you not train him to be obedient so he can be off leash and not drag you around? Why do you not know what the procedure is for taking your dog through customs at the border? Why do you not know how to even friggin cool a dog in the first place?! Just patting a wet rag or cool pad on his head like it is a baby, no wonder he almost died. This is inexcusable, the internet is there people and it is free. But these two only seem to use it for their instagram and YouTube vlogs... This "documentary" only made me sad about this generation. Get your head out of your arse and keep your home-moviemaking to yourself.

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