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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by al-144-89368 1 / 10 / 10


This film is beyond bad, the biggest problem is the acting. It's only the second film in history that I've had to turn off part way through & I've watched my fair share of duds. Do yourself a favour & skip this one.

Reviewed by furmbym 6 / 10 / 10

Kept me entertained. Certainly raises the bar for budget films

There aren't many reviews for this yet so I'll add mine since it currently has a very low rating - I've read the 1 star ratings and they all admit they didn't watch more than 10 minutes, the people that did watch this to the end gave it a decent rating. That should be worth noting when judging the reviews. Yes it is low budget, I mean when the plot starts with 2 nerdish actors in tacky clothes in a basement with a few computer parts as their scientific experiment, few ducting pipes and a lot of clutter I thought this was one of a million badly made movies I've seen too many of already but it doesn't take long before the story starts to intrigue you even if implausible and the special effects are not worth bragging about. Give it some time and the story becomes interesting. You develop a bit of a connection to the characters, vince is still a monotonour robot with his acting all through but he is just the sidekick and does add an interesting twist to the story. There are lots of interesting twists that I thought were original. If you watch it past the first 20 minutes and you like sci fi then you will know the special effects are nice but without a story a film is just meh, this has the story, it just lacks the special effects and better budget but I prefer computer games that are fun over computer games that have the best graphics, as such I enjoyed this more than some hollywood films I've watched.

Reviewed by rsvp321 6 / 10 / 10

For the true sci fi aficionado

Very low budget indie, basic sfx, but a sci fi plot that depends on viewers with imagination. Parallel universes. What it excels at over Hollywood is: no social agendas, no identity politics, no pandering to special interest groups. Just entertainment.

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