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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by andrew salisbury 4 / 10 / 10


i sat through over an hour of this movie before something finally happened, and even then it wasn't worth it. the dinosaurs were animatronic rather than cg, and were very poor ones too. the found footage style certainly didn't help matters either, with way too much shaky camera shots making it difficult to know what was happening to sum up, it's basically a bunch of unlikable characters walking through the jungle for days until they get attacked by some very bad looking dinosaurs that wouldn't scare Fred Flintstone. maybe they should have put him in this movie, it may have made it more watchable, but don't take my word for it.

Reviewed by Warren Spencer 2 / 10 / 10

Not bad attempt

After seeing some not too kind reviews I thought I'd give this a try as it was on Sky Movies. Firstly it seems a lot of people here don't know what the definition of FOUND FOOTAGE films is. Just because it is filmed partially on a video-camera from a first person perspective does not mean it falls in that genre. Found footage would be when some undiscovered reels of film are found and the film adventure is set off thereupon. OK?? Anyway although probably 10 minutes too long and with some irritating characters (principally Tim) I have to say I was fairly impressed with the dinosaurs themselves (don't expect T-Rexes) which were a step up from the usual guff offered by Crocosaurus and the like. There are also some poor emissions from the scenes (someone gets killed - we neither see it nor see them getting attacked which is then described by someone else - big cop-out). This obviously was made on a budget but there were a few good Dino moments, such as when a Dino nose nudges Tim. But it does take a heck of a long time to finally see them, nearly an hour in. A few bad bits of dialogue and acting, but on the whole not worth the slating it's got on here.

Reviewed by mattsilvey 2 / 10 / 10

Oh dear!

Wanted to waste some time and I most certainly did!! Shame a lot of low budget films nowadays (and this seemed very much like one!), seem to want to film in a self-filmed view! This film is not worth wasting your time on I'm afraid! Sometimes you get a lower budget gem and its worth it, like tremors, but this isn't anything great! I'd rather watch Cloverfield and thats saying something! Have given it 2 stars because I'm sure I've seen worse, but shut it out of my memory, and it did waste a little time (although not the running length of the film because fast-forward was used!! Thought I'd give a real review rather than sugar-coat it!!

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