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Bernhard Forcher as Detective Mathieu
Richard Riehle as Keenan
Sasha Roiz as Tom
Ty Simpkins as Young Anthony
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by hairy_buddah 8 / 10 / 10

Darn Good Movie

Funny, I reviewed a movie a few days ago called A Dark Truth. It was absolutely dreadful. It had big name stars, an obviously bigger budget, and it failed at almost every level. Here we have a taught, thinking man's little movie with good but lesser known actors, fewer locations and much more impressive results. The writing in this movie was top notch. The director paced the movie well. Most of the time I didn't feel the actors acting, and was involved in the story. The basic concept was clever, particularly the chance meeting of the two main characters. The ending was satisfying and sufficiently logical that it maintained the sci-fi believability. Tough to do. Some of the character actions and plot twists were a little too convenient, but the problems weren't too distracting. Not only do I recommend that you watch it, but watch it when you can pay attention to it. It is worth the effort. I really don't understand the low IMDb rating on this film. It is much better than it's rating.

Reviewed by seth__79 9 / 10 / 10

Are you kidding me?? 5.8 ! This is an 8+ Film !!

I am shocked to see this film at a disrespectful 5.8 vote. This is the best indie film I've seen this year! It's like a low budget Inception and the writing is possibly even better. If the production had a bigger budget I would've love to have seen that end result. But they did EXCELLENT with what they had to work with. The acting was convincing (especially Dominic Bogart playing the junkie, brilliant job mate, just brilliant) and I found myself attached to the characters. Especially Dominic's character. A nice twist to look forward too at the end, I guarantee you won't be disappointed. If you liked Inception, Source Code, Primer, Pi, Matrix, Love, You will really enjoy Extraction.

Reviewed by dk34997 9 / 10 / 10

Much, much, better than it's rating.

I'm taking the time to review this, which I often do not, considering I watch every movie that is released, because the rating on this movie is far to low. It's definitely not a 9 ( my rating standard is tough, ) which I have given it, but it's definitely far from a 5; I gave it a 9 in the hopes it's overall rating would be raised. Anyways, how people are giving this such a bad rating are beyond me. Everything that you expect in a movie was there, great character portrayals, great writing, and obviously good direction. This director/writer I'll definitely be keeping an eye to see what he can do wit a bigger budget. Great work.

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