Face of the Enemy



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George DiCenzo as James Wald
Rosanna DeSoto as Neiloufar Mobbasser
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Zantara Xenophobe 10 / 10 / 10

An Amazing Low Budget Film!

A security guard (George DiCenzo) sees a woman that he immediately recognizes as the terrorist that imprisoned and tortured him ten years earlier when he was working as a U.S. agricultural agent in the Middle East. Still reliving the horrible torture, he flips out and kidnaps her, locking her in his basement with plans to deliver the same treatment that she gave him. But he can't bring himself to do those same acts of violence. With virtually no budget to speak of, it is amazing that this movie turned out so good, but the powerful messages, expert direction, and strong cast make for a truly harrowing experience. George DiCenzo, usually a great character actor, really gets a to do a fine job in a lead performance. I was lucky enough to catch this film on a local TV station about ten years ago. With all sorts of things seeing the light of day, and with all the political unrest that has occurred regarding terrorism since then, I hope this movie sees a DVD release sometime soon. Zantara's score: 10 out of 10.

Reviewed by traveladvoc / 10

The summary is for the wrong movie...

Please look into changing this as the summary and title are not congruent. I have found reviews and descriptions for the correct movie on the websites for TV Guide and the Los Angeles Times, which may be of help here. The summary of the film above is for "Faces of the Enemy," which it accurately describes. The date for Faces of the Enemy is correct (1989), but the "Face of the Enemy" movie appears to have been released in 1990. The cast list, review, and everything else is correct for "Face of the Enemy"- but again, the summary is for "Faces of the Enemy" which is now being marketed through the web pages for California Newsreel and Sam Keen.

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