Fade to Black


Comedy / Crime / Horror / Thriller

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October 12, 2020


Christopher Lee as (archive footage) (uncredited)
James Cagney as Cody Jarett
Kathy Griffin as Grauman's Chinese Theater Extra
Mickey Rourke as The Bookie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by methmaga 6 / 10 / 10

just lovely!

If you like the classics, bogart,monroe, brandon etc and also appreciate obscure horror like fulci, damato, ndeodato, chances are that you will fin this movie ubercool! i certainly did.

Reviewed by lost-in-limbo 7 / 10 / 10

A victim of the movies?

The low-budget production had the premise (innovative and creepy), but the execution of it seemed a little off when it had to count. I wouldn't call it just a horror film, as it had a bit of everything in it. For old-school Hollywood film-buffs it was ripe with numerous knowing film references (inter-cutting snippets of features), where our smugly weedy protagonist (a multi-layered, skin-crawling performance by Dennis Christopher) begins to confuse fictional with reality after everything in his life begins to crumble as his realises there's only one way to escape it. He begins role-playing characters and scenes with nothing but conviction. While these sequences were creative, it just seems to take away from the underlining horror. The dark humour seems to fit, but the script is sorely underwritten due to some stringy sub-plots (mainly that of Thomason's character) that are poorly thought out. Not that they couldn't added anything, but they could've if a little more exposition was spent on them. Instead they feel trivial. The backdrop is interestingly displayed with the director Vernon Zimmerman using genuine locations where it cooked up some gritty atmospherics. Some moments were kind of overdone (when the unstable homicidal nature and identity crises kicks in, when the torment gets out of hand), but it keeps you highly involved. I didn't find it particularly suspenseful (other than the climax), but the way it's organised shows enough drive and originality. Other than Christopher, the rest of the cast (featuring the likes of Norman Burton, Tim Thomason, Eve Brent, Morgan Paull, and John Steadman) are mildly okay. A perky Linda Kerridge (the Marilyn Monroe look-alike) has a good screen presence and there's a small role for Mickey Rourke. Craig Safan's smoking, uncanny score works a treat.

Reviewed by pendrell-2 7 / 10 / 10

A sad Character study of a young man who loses touch with reality

There are three types of horror films 1.the scary horror film (designed as you would think to scare you. 2.The black comedy (Its meant to be funny, but not everyone will find this true. Third and last are the dramatic horror films, they play like a drama film except they are much darker and usually have something to do with mental illnesses. This movie is of the third kind, It is a sad character study of a young man called Eric who spends all his time watching movies and finding out trivia about them. He has no apparent friends and he lives with his wheelchair bound aunt, who really is at odds with him. The film is very original and has a incredible lead performance from the actor playing Eric. They cops on the other hand are all really badly done, I just couldnt wait till they left the screen and every time they appeared again I grimly waited for there departure. Most of the other actors do quite a good job in this film and it also sports a young Mickey Rouke in what I think was his first film role. I would recommend this film only to horror fans, The film references, the characters and the direction are all tuned to giving any horror fan a good time for their money. Its not for everyone. But thats what I liked about it.

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