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Dom DeLuise as Stanley
Henry Fonda as Lt. j.g. Douglas A. Roberts
Larry Hagman as Sheriff
Walter Matthau as Sheriff Morey Johnson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Trey Yancy 9 / 10 / 10

Terrifyingly realistic

I was born in the mid-fifties, with a father who joined the military in 1942 and who, by the time of this film, was in charge of maintenance for all the B-58 Hustlers at Carswell AFB in Fort Worth, These were the planes used to represent the "Vindicators" in the film. To our family the cold war (which had almost become a nuclear war in 1962) was a real fact of life. It created an underlying tension that people today can't imagine. An admittedly weak metaphor would be that of not paying the rent and living day-to-day wondering if the landlord would suddenly show up and toss you out. It was something you lived with. Fortunately for us kids, the booming days of the fifties and sixties provided plenty of distractions, so we didn't think about it much, but when we did, we knew that the SAC base ten miles away would mean that if there were a nuclear war, we would definitely be among the casualties. Fail Safe does an extremely good job of dramatizing the possibilities. It is stark, harsh, and the fact that it is in black-and-white emphasizes this. The overly sardonic attitude of Matthau's character (from the days when good-guy actors such as himself and Fred Macmurray were still playing bad guys) is particularly biting. O'Herlihy's Colonel Black has an interesting connection to Hagman's translator character, in that both are characters with which the audience can identify - a person caught up in a situation that they would rather avoid but feeling helpless and duty-bound to carry out their job. Weaver's character, while somewhat overdramatic, represents another side of the audience - taking us to the state where we would be if we allowed our emotions to take control. If one were to assemble a series of films to educate the public on the factors that contributed to the culture of the twentieth century, Fail Safe - along with Thirteen Days - would be high on the list.

Reviewed by Lele 10 / 10 / 10

Who believe this can happen...

...well, is pretty naive, to say the least! I didn't assign the lowest score for acting or cinematography: they are fine. I watched this movie during my childhood, here in Italy in the late 60's We were really scared by a nuclear war, and my city is an important NATO base... Anyway even if I was just a preteen, I did not buy that Henry Fonda had ordered to nuke US cities as an American self-punishment for the Moscow bombing mistake. And to a greater extent I don't buy it now

Reviewed by Mike Beranek 10 / 10 / 10

Aptly portrays maniacal cold war mood

Fail-Safe is the kind of movie that sticks in the memory indeed deep inside the psyche and I'm compelled to watch again it whenever the opportunity arises. The comparisons with the more famous Dr Strangelove abound not least due to the remarkably similar plot lines however this is so much better and that's saying something with such a powerful two films released around the same time. Fail-Safe dispenses with easy humour to adopt a more grave documentary drama style where the gags are few but the comedic characterisations abound. This film in my opinion is a more powerful statement as to the lunacy and recklessness of the M.A.D. mutually-assured destruction strategies of the period. The antics of Peter Sellers in the other movie are replaced by stately performances from Henry Fonda as the magisterial president carrying the conscience of the movie with his final knight's move of a tactic resulting in a kind of bleak equilibrium. The points being made about IT systems and the way they influence and even sometimes dictate human conduct are no less prescient now than before which is amazing considering computers in this film are the size of industrial washing machines with a crucial circuit changed by a airman like car battery. This movie as all mood and realism and a far more noble undertaking than the alternative which spoils itself in the gags.

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