Fall Down Dead


Horror / Thriller

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September 26, 2020



David Carradine as John Tucker
Dominique Swain as Colonel Hauser
Udo Kier as Rene
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by causednomad 2 / 10 / 10

it doesn't make sense that this film made it to the theaters

I saw this movie today and I am really shocked. this is one of those films that you can't understand how anybody didn't stand and say "hey wait a minute! this is crappy, we can't show this to people". maybe i'm a little bit exaggerating the situation, but maybe i'm not. the story is bad but not the worst. I can consider it OK. screenplay is really bad. acting is so poor that it is difficult for me to find the right word in English (which is not my native language) to describe it. even Udo Kier is bad in this one. during the whole movie, I was all like "what are they doing man? why would a cop do that?!". yep, the film doesn't make sense at all. and I have a few words about audio effects. it's not cool man, it sure is not cool. it is even unethical to use thrilling voices this much. two or three times in the movie, you hear increasing and disturbing voices and it turns out that there was no voice at all. it was just... not the killer. not a rat. not a machine. not the air floating through the corridors. it was just nothing. just an effect right there, occurring in the theater. I think there is a misunderstanding. producers of this film really misunderstood the thrillers they've seen so far. p.s.: Hitchcock reference was annoying. i am offended as an admirer of Hitchcock's work.

Reviewed by bmcdro 1 / 10 / 10

Terribly bad. It's a walk out of the theater one .

I usually stay at the movies until the end, no matter how bad they are, but the incredibly stupid script, terribly bad acting and very very poor and lame storyline made me resist for only 3 quarters of the movie. I just don't get it how so many people (about 140 at the time of this review) gave this piece of "art" 10's unless they are relatives to the actors or movie staff. Please don' be deceived and just ignore the 10's and you'll get a picture of how bad the movie really is. This movie is an insult to an average people's intellect, and it's a real shame. Don't go !

Reviewed by dark-outskirts 1 / 10 / 10

Unbelievably bad

I just saw this movie yesterday...and as much as i hate the expression "this is the worst movie i ever saw", i can really use it this time with no remorse. This movie contains horrible acting, horrible screenplay, lousy effects and the only "horror" thing about it is the idea that you paid to see it. If this movie would've been presented as a parody, it would have had much more catch to the public, it actually reminded me about Scary Movie, only this was meant to be serious. The plot holes (if you can call that a plot) also keep showing up, and the main target was Stefan Kerchek, the cop who showed up at the "crime scene" and proved to be useless. You can see he had a some pills with him when he arrived that he kept taking to...calm him down (more than 20 pills at first), after 10 minutes he has none left (but at the ending, in the ambulance, the pills are all back again. Then there is the "Kevlar jacket" thing...he gets shot, he bleeds from the stomach, but later when the criminal shoots him again (3 times) he doesn't die because he has Kevlar...where was the Kevlar 15 minutes earlier when he got shot? Oh and there is so much more stupidity in the movie, i better not...ruin the surprise. If you have a sense of humor, go see this movie, but you really must imagine you're watching a parody. I give it 2/10.

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