Falling for Vermont


Drama / Romance

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January 12, 2021



Benjamin Ayres as Dr. Jeff Callan
Julie Gonzalo as Angela Young / Elizabeth
Lauren McNamara as Emily Callan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Jazzie-too 10 / 10 / 10

Authentic Hallmark movie

When I read the storyline, I almost skipped this Hallmark movie, because it sounded like one I'd previously seen. (girl gets in car crash, in snow, and loses her memory) But then I noticed it was a new, 2017 production. I realize that most, if not all, of these productions are "sappy" and predictable, and this one is basically no different. But that is the very reason i watch almost every single one! I need and carve something that makes me feel good in our world today. Especially now, with all the horrible suffering form hurricanes and disasters, I'm so sorry for all these people and believe we should all contribute financially. In fact, I wish they would create some Hallmark movies that are more realistic and relate to some family caught in a natural disaster crisis. But I'm thankful for all the stories they come up with and hope they continue to produce. In this story"Falling for Vermont", the main characters actually have a good, casual chemistry. I'm a sucker for small community based stories, where people know each other and simplicity rules! If you are a fan of Hallmark, or a new viewer, this one is worth a watch! My rating is a little mixed between 8-10, but i rather like the conflict to the two different lives and hope that others will take a look at their own life and not let all the frills and successes of a business life become more important than family love and connections with people!

Reviewed by omijer 7 / 10 / 10

some loose ends in movie

Falling for Vermont was a sweet Saturday night treat. Both lead actors are attractive, serious, and very appealing. The children are excellent, particularly the little daughter, who is both beautiful and very gifted, expressive, and convincing in her role. However, the plot had some rather obvious 'holes' in it. If a car goes off the road in a rain storm, does it still not have a license plate on it that can be traced to the owner? That seems to have gone completely out of the script. Also, did the police not search the car for the driver's belongings, to help identify her? Her cell phone kept ringing, lying on the seat, quite visible, and could have helped identify her despite her amnesia. These seemed like logical steps to take,and would have identified the driver immediately. They were bypassed in order to make the script viable..but actually seemed like a huge compromise instead. One almost sat and shouted at the TV screen, "Look in the car!".. The 2 leads were very convincing, attractive and one rooted for them to fall in love and finally admit it. Despite the logical issues here, this was a very appealing movie and worth every minute of watching. Two mature, serious leads.

Reviewed by huggibear 7 / 10 / 10

Bravo! I liked this one a lot! Thanks Hallmark!

This movie just debuted tonight (9/23/2017) and I really enjoyed it. In fact, I think I'm the first one to add a remark. The main actress is very pretty and she's from Argentina, who would have guessed? She's been in the U.S. since she was 8 years old as I found out from IMDb website. I wonder if she speaks fluent Spanish because she's definitely fluent in English. I liked this movie because the topic was different than the typical Hallmark flick. This one was about amnesia. I often wonder why we get amnesia, what causes it and do some people never regain their memory once they have it. I have often 'imagined' having amnesia and wondered how I would handle it if something were to happen to me and I lost my memory. It makes you wonder, that's all. But this is worth watching. Sweet film. 7 Stars from me! The only downside to this movie is the fact that it was not filmed in Vermont. There is no such place in Vermont. I know because I currently live in Vermont. The location was fictitious or taken from a place in Massachusetts. It was filmed in Canada, not Vermont, disappointed in that only.

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