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Dolph Lundgren as Frank Castle
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nil24 8 / 10 / 10

Funny as H

Warning!! Contains Major Spoilers!!!! First if you like Family Guy and Star wars, you're gonna love this. the humor is in place and the original movie is very well parodied. The difference i think, between this and Blue harvest is that in Blue H you actually didn't need to know much about Fam Guy, just the main characters (and the star wars story off course), and it was more about pointing out the little funny flaws A new hope had. (only noticed about tree in SD, the one where Leia/Lois tells there's infinite ways to go but we have chosen to go trough the star destroyers, The no light speed all the time, and the scene at the end where Lando/Mort is wearing Han's outfit) there's a bit more, but its much more visible in BH... But in this you Do need to know Fam guy, as a lot of the jokes are ref. to old episodes (impiriel walker falling on its knee going AHH, the phony guy, Chris's boss as Yoda, i mean how often do you actually see Carl? 2 or 3 episodes out of almost 8 seasons?? Consuela the cleaning lady, James woods, the cookie monster, giant chicken, Brians unlucky comments on afro Americans, homosexual Stevie, evil monkey ETC...) so before watching make sure to brush up on the earlier episodes. I gave it a rating of 8 out of 10, because even though there's some filling bulls...t (the songs mostly), 90 percent of it was funny as h...l and I'm gonna watch it just as many times i watched BH. And I'm really looking forward to the conclusion.

Reviewed by Bernnard_Black 4 / 10 / 10

Swing and a miss

I had very high hopes for this episode, given the wonderful job Seth and the team did with Blue Harvest. Unfortunately, the seem to have lost sight of what they were doing and ended up with a product that felt rushed, and wasn't funny at all. The first Star Wars Family Guy episode was for dedicated Star Wars geeks who enjoyed pointing out inconsistencies or flaws in Lucas' film. The gags in Blue Harvest were funny and relevant, from Stewie's questioning about the meter-wide exhaust port being a big flaw to Herbert's portrayal of Obi-Wan. The jokes were funny, because they lovingly picked on the original story. The new episode isn't like that. Instead, you get what feels like The Empire Strikes Back done with Family Guy characters, with minimal changes to dialogue. The jokes are weirdly out of place, many just aren't funny at all, and they lack to satirical quality the jokes in Blue Harvest had. You get lames jokes like a guy on Hoth trying to give out bags of ice, or Peter inexplicably punching out Lois when she calls him a nerf-herder, claiming "that's our word." In short, this episode goes for shock effect to get it's gags - either from random violence and swearing to just out of place jokes - instead of good old satire like Blue Harvest did. I hope the next will be better; God knows Lucas had enough bad material in Jedi for Seth and the team to work with, without resorting to mindless and out of place jokes to get laughs.

Reviewed by tomstharp 4 / 10 / 10

Falls Flat for lack of effort.

This is a show worthy of a 4 out of 10 for a major reason, the jokes are either unimaginative or blown out of proportion. The animation is extremely well done and the use of music and references is very good. This elevated it above a 1 or 2 star rating. The problem is that whenever a joke is told by the characters they stand around laughing about it or explain it to the audience. For instance, Boba Fett is the chicken man. And Peter laughs and points him out and says "Look, Boba Fett is the Chicken Man." Why? Why would you assume that your audience is too stupid to realize that? Other jokes require specific wording to get off correctly and this requires the characters to wait and say the joke several times in order to make sure the viewer has time to process. The final problem with the spoken jokes is that they completely lack the necessary timing to be funny. They either take far to long or come out of left field. Such as Han shooting the inside of the giant worm some dozen or so times and having the exact same reaction each time. That's funny...if you're high. I don't have a problem with the jokes that come from the series itself because I liked those jokes the first time. The name of the movie, after all, is a reference to the series. Next up is the physical comedy. There are many great options for physical comedy as the majority of the movie uses the broad space battles from the film. How many things can happen in space? Asteroids can be shaped in funny ways, constellations can be in the background, the giant wedges can do something funny for goodness sake! Yet they do nothing with any of the space battles other than add a Wildest Police Chases voice-over for about twenty seconds. Where is the funny stuff from the first Star Wars parody where the Jawas are exchanging Grey Poupon? Even the actual Star Wars movie had the ships make warning sirens when the Falcon flew them too close to each other. Do something with that! Yoda, not funny. Jokes I found funny. The League of Doom. The dog thing if they cut it about half the length. The Wiley E Coyote moment. The Hand down the pants (don't ask me why but I laughed). Joe's Legs. The reference to Seth Green's failed movie. Trying to think of more, got nothing. The movie as a whole is not atrocious, but the lack of timing and the holy-cow-I'm-about-to-tell-a-joke-are-you-ready-here-it-is-and-heres- why-it-was-funny-did-you-laugh? aspect made it insufferable to sit through. The Family Guy team used to be better than that. Feels like they stopped trying. Thanks, Tom

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