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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by pecci-andrea 9 / 10 / 10

Herzog strikes again

I'm gonna be brief here: everyone could have done a documentary about this topic. We're talking about a japanese agency specialized in renting substitutes for dead family members! Herzog gives us coordinates and help us to ask the right questions to understand our apparently weird world. What is the role of the illusion? What connection does it have with the robotics and cinema? Is it totally evil? There's no judgment in the director's eye. Only representation, critical look and, of course, illusion.

Reviewed by barrymahonb 7 / 10 / 10

If you haven't been to Japan... will not understand how 'real' this film is. It may appear banal or even boring if you don't appreciate how sensitive the Japanese are. For a society and culture as creative as Japan, the idea you would like to have someone who could 'fill in the gaps' in your life is quite possible. Werner Herzog was apparently influenced by an article in the NYT. I haven't read the article but I will try to find it, it is probably as interesting as the film. Wonderful images and roles. BTW, if you haven't visited Japan, put it on you list of things to do, if possible.

Reviewed by tamsin-parker-262-538925 7 / 10 / 10

An interesting drama.

The film is a bit slow in places and there are some boring bits, but the concept itself is interesting. A man has an company who rents substitutes for fathers, businessmen, etc. He begins forming a relationship with the daughter of a wealthy, Yuri Kagami-esque woman who is a divorced widow, by pretending to be her father. Unfortunately it goes against his own company policy. Will he tell Mahiro the truth or become her actual father? The last few minutes of the film are the best. There's a little bit of insight into Japanese racism, as Mahiro befriends a little girl for having dark skin. The photography is beautiful. The vistas of Tokyo are stunning. It's definitely worth watching.

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