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Hélène de Fougerolles as Jeanne de Bar
Jean Rochefort as Le colonel Louis Marie Alphonse Toulouse
Penélope Cruz as Isabel Plaza Caballero
Vincent Perez as Juan Rucillio
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mhaverly 9 / 10 / 10

great swashbuckler

This new version of a favorite classic was a great swashbuckler - lots of romance, lots of adventure and excitement galore. Vincent Perez was handsome and energetic... a perfect romantic hero. Penelope Cruz was beautiful and feisty - a perfect romantic heroine. The crowd in the cinema was especially enthusiastic when we went -some viewers we know went to see it several times. The period costumes were wonderful, and certainly the equal of earlier versions. The photography was also well done - the French countryside has never looked so wonderful! Knowledge of French is definitely helpful, as the jokes might be lost on those who don't truly understand the language. Loved it so much I bought it!

Reviewed by ma-cortes 5 / 10 / 10

An evaded young with a promised career and deep dreams joins Louis XV army and after many heroics, it all comes true

Set during Seven years war , an European war between France : king Louis XV and Austria : Maria Teresa and intervention of various countries as England and Prussia . A peasant and swordsman called Fanfan: Vincent Perez escapes un unwanted marriage by joining the army of Louis XV,Regiment D'Aquitaine . Later on , he meets Adelina who is a fortune teller who speaks him about his important future . After being promised by Adelina Franchise , Penelope Cruz , she promised him a glorious career in the French army , an illustrious future and a royal marriage to king's daughter . And Fanfan attempts to make the promised faith of his true . As Fanfan refuses to forget his dream and decides to fullfill his destiny of the fake prediction. This stirring flick packs thrills , emotion , fencing , swashbuckling with bounds , leaps and jumping through windows . An amusing and funny satire of swashbucklers and historical love story movies, including a light criticism of the aristocracy , war , the mighty and the military . The picture relies heavily on the continuous pursuists , chases , swordplay and excessive and non much-sense fast-movement . It contains an evocative and appropriate musical score by Alexandre Azaria as well as a colorful cinematograhy by Gerard Simon .Lavishly produced by the prestigious Luc Besson and his production company called Eurocorp .The motion picture was professional but regularly directed by Gerard Krawczyk .He is an artisan who has made a few and usually successful films such as Taxi 2, 3, 4 , Wasabi , The red inn, Heroines and I hate actors . This one results to be a remake of the classic French 1955 film and made in its particular style, including fantastic adventures , adequate 18th setting with impressive castles and breathtaking battles , adding a cast of thousands of extras . Handsome and good-looking Vincent Perez delivers a likeable performance as the brave swordsman who becomes involved into twisted intrigues located both , military headquaters and royal court . Penelope Cruz gives a sympathetic interpretation as Adeline Franchise who tells Fanfan's fate , as she predicted he will get fame , fortune and glory ; as he will eventually marry one of the king's daughters .Support cast is pretty well such as : Didier Bourdon , Michael Muller and Helene Fougerolles as Madame Pompadour ,Louis XV's lover . Other fims based on this story with writings from Rene Fallet and Rene Weeler are the followings : Silent vintage movie 1925 by Rene Lerance ; and the classic 1955 by Christian Jaque by Gerard Philipe, Genenieve Page and Gina Lollobrigida

Reviewed by karmabuona 5 / 10 / 10

No work of art, not a total disaster...

If you don't go in expecting too much, this film is a pleasant way to pass some time. It is certainly no great work of art. Didn't see the original so can't comment on that score. Furthermore, don't really speak French (although enough to understand that Italian subtitled version missed large chunks of dialect), so Cruz's reportedly bad accent was lost on me. It is undoubtedly clichéd, lacking in any original ideas or concepts, and has gaping plot holes. However, that said, it has no pretensions of being anything more sophisticated than what it sets out to be. My advice would be to enjoy it for what it's meant to be: fun, swashbuckling, mildly amusing entertainment with two luscious-looking stars. In fact, just watching Perez and Cruz alone make the whole thing worthwhile.

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