Farewell to the King


Action / Adventure / Drama / War

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Frank McRae as Tenga
James Fox as Self
Nick Nolte as Thomas Jefferson
Nigel Havers as Botanist
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 8 / 10 / 10

a jungle epic

In WWII, British Captain Fairbourne (Nigel Havers) and Sergeant Tenga (Frank McRae) parachute into the jungles of Borneo to recruit the locals for the fight against Japanese occupation. They are shocked to find a white man as their king. Learoyd (Nick Nolte) had escaped the fate of Corregidor by joining other American deserters on a small boat. They landed on the island but he was the only one who escaped the Japanese executions. His blue eyes saved his life in the tribe. The women saw the sea in them, and the sea means salt, and salt means life. He was able to win against the evil ruler, bring peace to the tribes, and unite 22 longhouses. A Japanese plane strafes the settlement after triangulating on Tenga's radio. Learoyd agrees to fight the Japanese for the freedom of the tribes. There is a poetry to this jungle epic. It's an old fashion action adventure that feels very literary. Nick Nolte's acting can be divisive. His grandiose performance fits a man gone mad and reborn as a king. In addition, Nolte is perfect to play it. There is a possible way to see a white man leading locals as racist. I don't think that's valid since more white men came and ultimately destroyed paradise. There are memorable scenes and turns in this. It is grand cinema and minor box office failure.

Reviewed by vincentlynch-moonoi 10 / 10 / 10

Nolte in his prime

There was a time when Nick Nolte was a powerhouse actor. Before his personal problems took their toll. This film is one of several Nolte performances before the real troubles began, and along with films such as "Cape Fear", "The Prince Of Tides", and "Jefferson In Paris", showed that Nolte had a wide acting range that was sometimes downright surprising. Before watching this film it is important to understand that it is anti-British colonialism (which is fine by me) and it has a romantic notion of life in Borneo. Having been in Southeast Asia a fair amount -- although not in Borneo -- the picture of life depicted here is not as wonderful as it appears. But, it is always interesting. Part of the film was shot in Malaysia, substituting for Borneo. Another thing you know before going in is that the ending is not going to be a happy one, although the very conclusion is a tad upbeat, but not until a great deal of sorrow had occurred. The 3 primary actors are Nick Nolte, who is superb as an American who has washed ashore in Borneo and become a king of a local tribe...a life he sees as paradise. Nigel Havers is excellent as the British officer to interrupts paradise, with good intentions (of course), but who brings about an end to paradise. James Fox, an excellent British actor, has a rule that is, perhaps, the most thankless in his career.. This film was a disaster at the box office, and I'm not sure why. It's well done. All I can think is that time timing was wrong. Recommended.

Reviewed by dunsuls-1 10 / 10 / 10

Don't see this every day !!!

One fabulous movie !!! OK it's not Lawrence of Arabia but its a movie based on a novel by Pierre Schoendoerffer so we know it's fiction and nothing more.Ah but what fiction !! Director:John Milius crafts a fine tale that makes you think as I once heard somewhere else,IF that story isn't true it should have been (film - the cowboys)There was a time Nick Nolte could really act and this film released in 1989 proves it.At 115 minutes I wanted MORE.There is NOTHING not to like about this film.The story of a third party being caught up in the dispute of others is timeless and when that dispute is war and the third party are savages or really just not civilized in the western sense,they only collect heads and live in the jungle,rather than live in comfort based on the exploitation of others,like colonial powers involved in such war,that you have a set up for a Don Quixote story as played by Nolte. So don't look for Lawrence but rather a violent but principled Sancho Panza and you will enjoy the film.British,Japanese and Borneo as a battleground works as well as any other setting from WW11 and less done to boot.Fine acting by Nigel Havers as a Lawrence type,Capt. Fairbourne really complements Nolte as this American deserter from Corregidor survivors after being beached on Borneo and seeing the soldiers he escaped with die.He then survives in the jungle only to be captured by headhunters,and here's the romance,is loved by a native and he thus learns there way and becomes "free"to lead his "comanches"as KING !!!Great stuff if not for that damned old war !!! The darker issue of re-colonizing after the war is also delved into although not as much as one might wish.Do yourself a favor and see it,for they really don't make um like this anymore.

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