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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by DrDoom314 1 / 10 / 10

Awful movie for children

This film is clearly meant for younger children, so I shouldn't be too harsh in judging it, but even taking that into consideration, it lacks in every way. For starters, the production values of this movie are obviously quite low. Even judging from the cover, the characters have creepy art applied to them and the animations are quite off-putting. In some instances their limbs are seen visually going through the ground as they execute their "dance moves". This may be enough to disturb small children, but that isn't all. The "plot" is nearly non-existent, which would not be an issue except for the fact that the movie advertises a rabbit meeting all of her friends in the farm town. The bunny meets the mayor and her best friend, and then is completely forgotten about throughout the remainder of the film, up to the very end. Not to mention characters are reused in more than one scene in many instances, with no rhyme or reason applied to where they are. The enjoyment factor of this film, if you can call it that, is very low. The entire movie is just songs being played in the background and characters dancing to them, in a jarring fashion which I described earlier. Adults will be bored to tears within minutes, and it is unlikely that even small children will be entertained. It is hard to believe that the directors managed to make this film over an hour long. Finally, this film is not advertised anywhere visible, and you can only find it by going to certain areas and browsing for it, for example I found it on the Roku app on my television and decided to check it out. Was one of the biggest mistakes of my life. So not only is this movie hard to find, if you do find it, you have clearly passed up far better options and stumbled across this abomination instead. Frankly, the fact this movie was made literally last month bodes poorly for the next decade, the 2020s. Overall, one of the worst movies for young children I have seen. Would give a negative rating but you can't do that of course, so an un-exaggerated 1/10.

Reviewed by cascadiarch / 10

These movies by Pippa Seymour are getting worse.

You'd think, given the creator, that this would be a feature-length direct-to-video 'film' where cheap CGI barnyard animals dance badly around a farm. But no, it's set in a forest and the cast are woodland critters. Despite the cover, you will not find a cow, a chicken, or horse in the entire thing. Most of the songs aren't even farm-related; it even ends on 'He's Got the Whole World in His Hands,' for some reason.

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