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Lily James as Mrs. de Winter
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Garlic_Shred 4 / 10 / 10

Forgettable and rushed

This film really gave me the impression that the creators really didn't know that much about athletics and just made this purely to cash in on the UK's Olympic hype. Fist of all it's implied that the main character is relatively unknown in athletics and springs out of nowhere to become part of the team GB World Championship athletics team. Yeah, that's not really how it works, if she was already getting times that were good enough to be in the running for a team GB place, people would have known about her. She would already have competed in many national competitions and made a name for herself before qualifying for Great Britain. Also the fact that they go on a night out and drink alcohol literally the night before an international competition doesn't make much sense. If that was how the GB team operated in real life, I'd be very worried, therefore it's obviously just a plot device put in place to create conflict failing to reflect any sort of reality. However those are just little gripes. What really brought this film down was the clichéd plot points. We've got the arguments in the team which threaten to stop them winning, the forced romance which breaks down due to a misunderstanding and character arcs like the main character not working well in teams and the rich girl whose father does away with her if she doesn't win. These have all been done before, are executed poorly in this film and lack any depth as we know full well what will happen the moment we see them. They could have included an interesting plot point which connects to athletics, such as the main character being offered performance enhancing drugs or maybe delving deeper into how the main character got into running. But no, you could pretty much put this film's storyline into any sports movie and it would still work. Well, I say work, what I mean is produce the same forced and bland garbage that these kind of films have developed into over the years. All in all, the characters have no chemistry, the film is detached from reality and the plot points are very predictable. Do I really need to tell you what happens in the end? Didn't think so.

Reviewed by annie-364-313936 5 / 10 / 10

Pleasantly surprised!!

I didn't have high hopes for this film before I went to see it because I thought it was just going to be predictable. But it was amazing! You really connect with the main character through her athletic career and you are on the edge of your seat in the races. I went to see it with a couple of friends just for a day out and we came out of the cinema very happy - much happier than expected! As Fast Girls is just out at the cinema, it hasn't got a review yet on IMDb and I was unsure whether to see it, as I usually only see a film that is 7 or above. I think that this film is well worth at least an 8! Comedy, the Olympics and a little bit of romance... what more could you want?

Reviewed by JamesHitchcock 5 / 10 / 10

Every Cliché Known to Man or Woman

Did you realise that the 2011 Athletics World Championships were held in London? No, neither did I. The record books will actually tell you that they took place in Daegu, South Korea, but this film will tell you something different. The reason is that the film was slated for release in June 2012 to cash in on the forthcoming London Olympics, and the original script had the characters competing for a place on the British team for those Games. Unfortunately, the producers had failed to realise that the International Olympic Committee take a dim view of anyone other than an Official Sponsor cashing in on their Sacred Games, and that the commercial use of phrases such as "London Olympics" and "London 2012" was restricted by law, a law enforceable by some quite ferocious criminal sanctions. Hence the invention of the fictitious "London 2011" World Championships. Lisa Temple is white, blonde, rich and beautiful. Shania Andrews is black (or, to be more accurate, of mixed race), brunette, working-class and also beautiful. (The name "Shania", incidentally, is pronounced Shan-EYE-ah. It does not rhyme with "Tania"). Apart from their beauty, the two young women have three things in common. They are fast (in the sense of "speedy" rather than that of "promiscuous", despite that rather obvious pun in the title). They are competing for a place on the British 4×100 metres relay team. And what is more they hate each other very much. Cue a film which incorporates just about every sporting-drama cliché known to man or woman. There are the antagonistic duo whose initial mutual dislike turns first to mutual respect and then to friendship as they learn to work together as part of a team. There is the rich girl who at first seems like a snobby bitch and the poor girl who at first seems to have a massive chip on her shoulder but who both eventually turn out to be thoroughly Good Eggs. There is the pushy, domineering parent (in this case Lisa's father David, himself a former famous athlete). There is the inspirational coach in the shape of Shania's mentor Brian (an amateur, but far more inspirational than any professional could be). There is the sudden, unexpected stroke of bad luck when an experienced older competitor's last chance at glory is dashed by injury, (but thereby giving a chance to an up-and-coming youngster). There is the sudden, unexpected stroke of good luck; when Great Britain finish just one place away from qualification in the semi- finals I just knew what was coming next. And of course it came; the French were disqualified for an infringement. (The French athletes, unlike the British, are all white. I wonder how many decades it must be since a real French sprint relay team did not include a single black member). There is a possible love-rivalry between Shania and Lisa. There is the inevitable heartwarming triumph at the end. Change the sport and the sex of the characters, and this could be a story from a "Roy of the Rovers" comic. Despite the immense success of "Chariots of Fire" in the early eighties, films about track-and-field athletics have been few and far between. About the only other one I can think of was the American "Personal Best" which told a rather similar story to "Fast Girls", except that the burgeoning relationship between Lisa and Shania stops at the "just good friends" stage and does not become a full-blown lesbian affair as happens with the rival athletes in the other film. Yet this cinematic dearth does not just affect athletics. There are virtually no films about cricket or Rugby Union, and surprisingly few about such popular sports as golf, tennis or even football. I think that part of the reason is that it is difficult to recreate the drama of a live sporting event on the cinema screen and part that it is difficult to write a convincing sporting drama without relying on the sort of clichés set out above. The script did occasionally hint at some more interesting issues, such as the obviously complex relationship between Lisa and her Dad, or Shania's equally complex family background. It is even hinted that one of their colleagues in the relay squad is a "fast girl" in the other sense of the adjective and has been sleeping with potential sponsors despite being married. The film, however, seemed to shy away from exploring these issues in any depth. Lenora Crichlow and Lily James would appear, on the evidence of this movie, to be two gifted young actresses. (This was the first time I had seen Lily; I had previously known Lenora from her role in the television series "Sugar Rush"). Actresses, however, are only as good as their material, and I hope to see these two in better and more original films than this one. 5/10

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