Father Hood


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Bob-45 7 / 10 / 10

Overlooked Little Gem

"Father Hood" is an overlooked little gem of a "road movie". Fine performances by Halle Berry, Sabina Lloyd and Brian Bonsall, two really fun "over-the-top" ones by Diane Ladd and Michael Ironside, and a downright outstanding one from Patrick Swayze. The movie is helped by an unconventional storyline, but badly undercut by it's flashback framing which results in a formulamatic, abrupt ending. "Father Hood" would have worked MUCH better without these "bookends". Nevertheless, the movie brings up important issues of "family responsibilities" and the consequences of state intervention. As long as the foster system rewards state institutions for NOT placing children, such abuses will exist. Pick this one up. It's worth the "ride."

Reviewed by reblit 5 / 10 / 10

Entertaining Tale of an unwilling Father who is a HOOD!

Father Hood is an entertaining tale of an unwilling Father who is definitely a HOOD! Patrick Swayze plays Jack Charles who is a hood always on the look-out for the one big "score" that is going to put him on easy street. His wife died while he was is prison and his two kids were put in foster care. When he "got out" he thought they were probably better off in foster care – besides he still had to score his fortune. His daughter Kathleen Charles (played wonderfully by Sabrina Lloyd) breaks out of a foster care institution that is abusing the kids and misappropriating money that is suppose to be being spent on the kids. She hunts down her father; tells him about how bad the place was and that her brother, Eddie Charles (played by Brian Bonsall) , "just a little 7-year-old kid" was being moved to the institution that she had just broken out of and convinces her father to kidnap him. The three start off on an adventure across country, all the while Jack keeps telling himself that he has to get rid of the kids! Patrick Swayze is really good in this comedy, playing a "hood" (probably a little understatement for this criminal character) who is similar to his Johnny Castle character of Dirty Dancing except Jack is appropriately funnier in this comedy and more optimistic than Johnny Castle. Swayze is funny and rally does comedy pretty well! Halle Berry plays Kathleen Mercer who is a reporter trying to get at the truth of the foster care system who becomes Sawyer's ally. Diane Ladd plays Rita the con-artist mother of Jack Charles.

Reviewed by richspenc 5 / 10 / 10

Good setup but becomes implausible and with annoying kids

Patrick Swayse has always been good at playing a tough guy, such as his other movies such as "Roadhouse". He does a good job as the tough guy here too, actually as an outlaw who's about to do a big illegal deal in New Orleans in a few days. But, as he is still in L.A., he is already facing court on other charges of his already pending. So the last thing he needs is his bratty kids suddenly bothering him now. But that is just what they do, and they are bratty. Swayse thinks that they've been in foster care, but in reality, they've been in an institution that the kids claim is very tough and corrupt. That the staff there are being physically abusive to the kids and handcuffing them. However, Swayze starts to see that the kids are really telling the truth on this one, so he kidnaps them and takes them cross country with him to New Orleans. Now for the kids though, they are bratty. The seven year old boy is whiney and annoying, and the fourteen year old daughter has an attitude problem and is bitchy. Her attitude makes her not very likable. Now for the story. The set up in the first part of film was good but the road story has some very implausible moments. Moments that anyone with half a brain would never believe the situations they're watching, and the kids really get annoying fast. Numerous implausible moments include Swayze making a car run over the edge at Hover Dam and no one seeing him do it. Swayze and the kids outrunning the police in several different scenes where in real life, they would've never been able to do it that way, especially the scene where they manage to jump from a speeding boat with helicopters overhead and no one seeing them do it. But my favorite implausibility is when they jump on to the back of a boat attached to a moving car, talk and yell loudly, and even cook a turkey dinner on the back of the boat without the driver ever knowing it. Yeh, right. They even at one point, after stopping at a gas station, where Swayze goes to use the phone, Swayze has another car drive up to the back of the boat (cause the driver left without him), and Swayze jumps from the front of that car onto the boat, with them all yelling, and the driver of the car hauling the boat still doesn't notice any if it! I mean come on, how can anyone believe that the driver would be that deaf and dumb. The owner of the boat finally notices them when he's luring the boat into a river and Swayze and the kids start up the boat and drive away in it. I did however, sort of like the little rendezvous between Swayze and the TV reporter Hally Berry, who also already had some ideas about the institution being corrupt and needed Swayze, who could've gotten information from the kids about the place, to fill her in with more info about it. Swayze, who was still more interested in his deal in New Orleans, kept giving Berry the runaround. This was a sort of good film in some ways, if it wasn't for those implausibilities and those bratty kids.

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