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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Invalid-User-Id 2 / 10 / 10

Joke made out of an important topic

I do understand that his is a small budget production, however, producer made it into a comedy show with an absolutely dreadful acting. Nail in the coffin was unrealistic ending with woman giving up free money and start working again...

Reviewed by onlinevirtual 6 / 10 / 10

Hope you never go through this,

This movie is 100 % spot on , well acted. Only someone that goes through this understands just how bad it really is, things have not changed for the better they have only got worse , they just deduct from your bank account when ever they feel like and are like talking to a brick will with thier pompous calculations , this has happened to me in Nz. Pick your choice of partner wisely as if you get a bad one they will use all the tools available and the family court and the Ird will do everything to allow this happening to you. RIP to all the victims of this child support sham.

Reviewed by pietclausen 6 / 10 / 10

Interesting story-telling film

When you haven't got sacks of money to produce a movie based on true events, you need a different approach to get the story across. In this, the producers got it right. From the opening scene, one immediately gets captivated in this important tale and the struggles that follow. Although the acting is not always right and the story a bit too long, the drama and predicament of a single parent is well told and easy to follow, even with your eyes closed. A movie that makes you ponder that laws are not always right and the wrong has to be overcome.

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