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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Scarecrow-88 3 / 10 / 10

Faust:Love of the Damned

What a mess this was. There are some fans of Wishmaster evil demonic genie Divoff who plays, I believe, Lucifer here(..with albino white hair!)and he certainly has a way of exhibitioning pure evil with the way he tilts his head and twists his face. This film seeps every ounce of artistic integrity from the original play bludgeoning us over the head with Ringo knows what. Faust himself was once this artist named John Jaspers(Mark Frost, incredibly hammy) whose lover was killed by her portly pimp and his accomplices, wishes revenge to the point he'll sell his soul, gain from Divoff these Wolverine-esquire titanium blades, kill those who did his ole lady in, and face the consequences for his harbored anger and blood-lusting vengeance. Divoff has control over him and forces him into destroying a Chinese Consul meeting wiping out something like 19 people. Jeffrey Combs is a detective who wishes to know why he did it as Faust(in human form at this point)is catatonic. A psychologist,Jade(Isabel Brook, a stunning beauty) who uses music to get inside what makes the mad crazy, soon becomes a chess-piece between Divoff's Lucifer and Faust(still John at this point). Soon Divoff is through with his acquisition and buries him alive, but the joker kills a skeleton choking him(huh?)and returns from the near trip to hell as a steroid-n-crack version of the Daredevil who obliterates, I'm guessing, more than 20 or so people(and a slew of damned cops..I figure the entire police station was emptied into Faust's feverish wrath). Divoff has a chick by his side, Claire(Mònica Van Campen, melts fervent heat right from the screen) always trying to seduce someone into robbing her master of his power since Lucifer's human shell is weakening(..I don't know, ask those who made this damn thing what the point is of Lucifer staying in a weak body when he should be able to invade many of those who worship him). She loves showing her breasts(they are quite delicious, I must say)and cavorting around like a cat in heat. Jade has issues..a buried rape from someone whose face is covered in wax(you think this sounds silly, wait until you see the method of torture used to project who the rapist was)and she falls in love with the John. Combs soon joins allegiance with Lucifer and the poor Jade is tricked by him into Divoff's lair..she is a hostage at the mercy of her captors. Meanwhile, Claire who desires Lucifer's seat will perhaps get her wish. The film throws the kitchen sink at you..are you willing to duck? Because, the climax has this beast summoned from hell, Faust trying to save Jade from being impregnated by Lucifer, Combs swallowing a serpent removed from the stomach of Lucifer's Claire who betrayed him, and a blood, sacrificial orgy of Satanists. Phew, I'm telling you, this flick is messed up!

Reviewed by BA_Harrison 8 / 10 / 10

... and I'll sell you my conscience for $4.50.

Looking to exact revenge on the gangsters who murdered his girlfriend, artist John Jaspers (Mark Frost) strikes a hasty deal with the mysterious 'M' (Andrew Divoff), exchanging his soul for supernatural abilities and a mean set of arm-mounted blades. But in his eagerness, he forgets that it always pays to read the small print before signing a contract, which in this case states that he must continue to kill for M after settling his score. When Jaspers refuses, M has him buried alive, but somehow (details a bit fuzzy here...) the artist comes back from the dead as a demonic being and once again goes looking for retribution. Anyone looking for a faithful adaptation of the classic German legend is going to be majorly disappointed by Brian Yuzna's Faust, which is less a tragic study of moral abandonment, more a diabolical, blood-soaked, logic-free comic-book-style fever-dream packed with hokey gore, heavy metal, surreal effects and nudity. In telling his demented tale, director Brian Yuzna gives viewers lots of insanely OTT action full of severed body parts and slashed throats, while makeup artist Screaming Mad George provides some suitably weird prosthetics work (including one effect that sees a woman reduced to a giant pair of breasts and a huge ass with a face), and voluptuous actress Mònica Van Campen gets naked and has sex a lot. All of this is accompanied by a thundering soundtrack that includes the likes of Fear Factory, Machine Head and Coal Chamber. Literary scholars will most likely be appalled by what they see; students of 'serious' horror will think it churlish; I thought it was one hell of a fun time! 7.5 out of 10, rounded up to 8 for IMDb.

Reviewed by willywants 8 / 10 / 10

Stylish direction, excellent special effects, dark atmosphere, mucho gore= Great fun!

An artist, John Jaspers (Mark frost) sells his soul to the mysterious "M" (Andrew Divoff) in order to get revenge on the people who killed his girlfriend. Soon, he realizes everything has a price, and he is transformed into a horned demon with a passion for killing. He learns that M plans to release the Homunculus, a giant serpentine demon onto the earth, opening the gate to hell. Now, Jaspers must stop M before he can let the apocalypse begin. "Faust: Love of the damned" is a great horror film! Good acting from the mostly unknown cast (Though lead Mark Frost tended to overact, I still dug his performance anyway!). Brian Yuzna's direction was stylish and the film is visually stunning. The special effects by Screaming mad George were EXCELLENT! I especially loved the Homunculus, what a brilliantly designed monster! The gore was plentiful (Loved the decapitation!) too. Not a film for the faint of heart, that's for sure, but it was a wild ride and I enjoyed it! 8/10.

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