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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Jeremy_Urquhart 8 / 10 / 10

Surprisingly good- 93 minutes goes by really quickly

This is a really good documentary, only let down slightly by a part near the end regarding the 'rare Pepe's'- they didn't explain it very well and I was super confused. It also wasn't very relevant to everything else, which makes me wonder whether it was added to get the overall film over 90 minutes. That being said, everything else was really strong. The presentation is unique, I liked the use of animation, and the music was surprisingly good too. It tells a fascinating story about a meme that got out of the control of its creator, and while I was familiar with Pepe to some extent, I definitely didn't know the whole story, which made this really engaging. For me, it started to get really interesting when they began to cover the meme's relation to the 2016 US Election- that was genuinely fascinating. If you're interested in meme culture, politics, or just want a good documentary, I can highly recommend this one.

Reviewed by thenaves 3 / 10 / 10

Fascinating but Ultimately 2D Exposition of Pepe the Frog

The first 45 minutes is actually quite informative in following the 4chan adoption and evolution of the meme - the mindset of those who first adi ok Ted Pepe and the emotional bond that was made. The next 45 however is essentially the reason Trump won: the lesson the left never learned; a minimization of the bigger conversation to a hyper-focus on the alt-right. In other words, the film does a good job of documenting the battle that took place with the alt-rights use of Pepe. However it's to the exclusion of the bigger campaign of those who do not agree with the alt-right but used Pepe to express hope and belief in a Trump victory over the rise of authoritarian and global Leftism. <-- the conversation that never takes place. Much like reading a politifact "fact" check, the documentary quickly moves from history of the origins of Pepe into a breakdown and explanation of liberal narrative. As such, it leaves the 2016 experience of an entire swath of conservative and moderate voices misrepresented and lumped into a single basket of hate and aggression. Let be me clear... This seems to be the way that the creator experienced everything and thus as a "Furie" documentary it tells his story quite well and accurately. However, as a "Pepe" documentary it fails to tell the whole story in anything other than a two dimensional, singularly aspected fashion - white supremacists used Pepe to promote their politics. This is of course true but only a small piece of a much bigger phenomena. Netflix will eat this up however and I imagine it will be viewed by millions and seen as the whole story before it's run is over. In summary, this was a good documentary experience and I feel better informed after watching it. I would recommend it to just about anyone with the qualifier of its political leaning. But honestly, If you're politically liberal then you already believe the narrative portrayed in the second half of the documentary. If you're politically conservative (or have been since 2016) you are already aware of the narrative bias.

Reviewed by dave-goodman-130-352295 3 / 10 / 10

Leftist deflection ?

Now I know what they mean by people talking out of their backsides. What a total and utter load of drivel. So easy just to google a load of phrases you don't understand and stick them in a review. On the movie itself it wasnt too bad.

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