Female Zombie Riot


Comedy / Horror

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by moorek 2 / 10 / 10

Just bad overall

The worst thing about the movie is that Pervo the Clown gets away without any consequences. The good thing is the Russian hooker gets away too. Otherwise there is nothing else much good about this. Well the character who plays Bertie is so over the top that at times he is hard NOT to watch. It seems like Pervo the Clown is doing a bad Nick Frost imitation the whole time.

Reviewed by acedj 3 / 10 / 10

Mildly amusing, definitely low budget

What we have here is a movie that looks like what would happen if a bunch of college friends with no acting skills at all decided to make a full length movie. At times it is painful to watch, while at other times it is quite funny, though I am not sure if that was what the filmmakers were going for. This was apparently a sequel, I had not seen the first in the series. I was going through the movies on Amazon Prime and since I like zombie movies, this was suggested. It turned into a train wreck, but one I could not stop watching. This movie is about Pervo the Clown and a plot to kill him. He caused the death of some people in the previous movie and their friends/family, (I am not sure as I did not see the previous film) want him dead for it. They decide to use the lure of a party and a serum that turns people into zombies to do it. I guess the question here is, will Pervo survive his second brush the a zombie outbreak? Do not watch this movie for great story telling or acting. Do not watch this movie if you are not capable of shutting off your mind. Do watch this movie if you enjoy cringey films and can enjoy them for what they are. Or hell, just do not watch this film.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 3 / 10 / 10

Very, very trashy

FEMALE ZOMBIE RIOT! is the US re-titling for the British indie sequel ZOMBIE WOMEN OF Satan 2. It's a silly little film in which a bunch of Z-grade actors hook up for a story involving Pervo the Clown (I'm not kidding) and various women rising from the dead to wreak havoc. The film is cheaply made and has an anything-goes style feel to it, aiming at bad taste and the lowest common denominator throughout. The "stars" involved include genre regular Dani Thompson alongside former BIG BROTHER winner Pete Bennett. It's cheap, trashy, and very silly, but then, of course, that's the whole point.

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