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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mister_bateman 4 / 10 / 10

Dull und unfunny

First I thought this was another one of those weird Japanese things where they put a cross dressing pervert as the main character and it's totally normal and not even commented on. Turns out it's the writer himself, who is a comedian and he is playing the female lead role himself. The movie is about subtle humor found in the mundaneness of daily life of office workers. Maybe you need to be Japanese to fully grasp it, or be a fan of his previous comedy, but to me it was horribly dull and boring. Here and there you catch a hint of the humor, or at least recognize why a situation is meant to be funny conceptually, but it rarely really is.

Reviewed by Hombredelfuturo / 10

Lack luster existence

The writer himself act as main character in this movie. Previously TV series; previously a book and previously a blog...well; seems a long climbing to the top but I do not see why and how he succeeded; you know, the plot is just nothing at all; and may be that is where (and why) the charm may rely. You can find trivialities of daily routines and chat about minimum insignificant things in the (supposed) Life of Bank s clerk Women. A so predictable and lackluster Life in one of the best cities like Tokyo that let me wondering here. They have the time to put a bit more emphasis but they do not want; they have the potential to understand a bit more about what s really going on around; see a bit outside their small and mundane micro World, etc but nothing of that is going on. They love banalities...and with a smidgen of naif malice. I think that also shows a big problem in our societies no matter in which places are located; I mean; disinterest and a bit of apathy (in places that have potential and many things to do like Tokyo) that the politicians know and take advantage. Virus anyone?

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