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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by wezel2 7 / 10 / 10

Sweet Little Art Film

I enjoyed this film because it was quirky and well done. It tells the story of a lovely, naive and rather thoughtless young woman, Julia (played by Evgenia Milmana), and her involvement with a much older man who is a down on his luck immigrant, Vikka (played by Srdjan Nikolic). They meet in a restaurant where Julia and her friend have come for a break from their dance class. Vikka overhears them talking about dancing and approaches the girls revealing that he is a dancer too. Julia becomes interested in him and impulsively invites him to visit the dance studio. A relationship develops quickly with encouragement from Julia. One quickly learns that Julia is very naive and very unrealistic in her views of life and people. She encourages poor Vikka who appears to be mesmerized by her, and he agrees to help her improve her dancing for an upcoming competition. Julia finds out that he has no place to stay and is concerned. She subsequently tricks him into coming to her parents home, and gets her father to invite Vikka to stay at their house. This arrangement is clearly to the great embarrassment of Vikka. With Julia one constantly gets the impression of a very impulsive young woman, who is used to getting her own way with no heed to other people's feelings. Vikka helps Julia to improve her technique and dances with her in the competition. Julia then manages to insult Vikka who leaves the club where the competition is being held. When he fails to return home that night, Julia realizes he has gone from her life, and is devastated. Srdjan Nikolics' performance as the tragic, down at the heels immigrant is excellent and he is totally convincing. So is the performance of Evgenia Milmana. It was convincing enough that I wanted to shake her for being so selfish and silly. The film is very entertaining, and I really appreciated the soundtrack by Vezi Tayyeb.

Reviewed by blair-duckworth 10 / 10 / 10


Veteran screenwriter,producer and director FRANK CARUSO explores the complexities of the human spirit in his soulful adaptation of the Canadian stage play FINAL DANCE by Vladimir Milman . A successful collaboration between the two talents has brought to the screen one of the most unique and heart-wrenching tales of unrequited love this side of anywhere. It brings together Julia (Evgenia Milman),a 19 year old dance student,and Vikka (Srdjan Nikolic), a 40 year old Russian dancer/actor , now a homeless immigrant struggling to find his way.They meet in a cafe and are connected by the truths that they are both " lonely and in love with dance" and are , at the same time,so unique that they are alienated and friendless.They both value the peace of silence, and Julia likens their world switching on a lamp in the darkness : " You get this world within the world of the night." Nikko confesses " I get warmth from your light " and in their separate world they form a deep bond. An unlikely relationship develops and Julia brings Vikka home to meet her parents. Ultimately ,her parents are won over by this older man's goodness and honesty.Vikka recognizes the talents of Julia as an actress who dances from the energy within her soul. He encourages her to improve her technique and helps her win a dance competition . In the aftermath of that success , Julia confesses her love as does Vikka himself. But he gently takes her hands from the side of his face , too aware of the distance between them which age brings. Offended, Julia rebukes her friend and in doing so,rekindles a long simmering self doubt within him. Caruso is extremely deft at keeping things moving through what is an intense examination of loneliness and unfulfilled passions. His direction is masterful and the actors , notably Milman and Nikolic are superb throughout. The Look of the film ( Jason Guerriere on camera and editing )is delicate and inspired , as bittersweet as the realization that in life , beauty moves and changes, waxes and wanes , as do we all. We know this, but the film opens up that truth for us again and leaves us deeply moved.

Reviewed by zipper1058 10 / 10 / 10

A Must-See Love Story

Final Dance is a touching love story that ends in heartbreak for two people who were meant to meet, meant to love, but never meant to stay together. A love of dance originally brings Vikka and Julia together, but as their feelings for each other deepen, the 20-year age difference between them slowly begins to tear them apart. Julia is a beautiful young girl who has always felt alone. Her compassion for Vikka, a homeless ex-actor/dancer, compels her to invite him to her home. Their shared love of dance brings them closer, and as the connection they make intensifies, the obstacles against a lasting relationship become glaringly obvious. Torn by her feelings for Vikka but believing she has to let him go, Julia loses control. Her cutting remarks to Vikka send him away. Unable to take back her words and unable to find Vikka, Julia is hysterical when she realizes she's lost him forever. Final Dance will move you in ways no other love story can. Its tour de force is in not revealing the end and letting the viewer decide whether or not Vikka jumped off that bridge.

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