Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Mrohnoes 4 / 10 / 10

Fantastic CGI and great fight scenes can't make up for a plot that's nigh incomprehensible

I had heard about this movie many a time, and to me it seemed to be a movie that you either loved or hated. I had heard that the movie had no plot but sometimes I heard that it had a great plot. I decided to take it upon myself to take a look at the movie. The summary up there should tell you what I think of the movie. For one thing, the CGI is absolutely mind-blowing! I mean this movie came out in 2005! You would think it came from the future, like say, 2020, but no, it's 2005. Also, the fight scenes were a blast to watch and there's plenty of sword play and explosions to keep you entertained. Sadly, though, that's where the positive ends. Out of all the movies I've seen, this movie had to be the one movie where I couldn't begin to understand what the hell was going on. If you wanna know the plot, get an FFVII fan to tell you. At least in EVERY OTHER MOVIE EVER MADE, you could, at the very least, get a vague idea of what's going on. This movie, however, will confuse the hell out of its audience, unless they're FFVII fans, then they'll probably understand a bit of it. I'm not an FFVII fan, so I didn't understand, so I'll play the games instead, like you should. I did say this seemed like a love-hate movie, but honestly, I don't hate it, as the good things about the movie are really good. The movies I hate are ones that enrage me in one or more ways (looking at you Hoodwinked Too!). This is not one of those movies. If you love the movie, good for you, you'll probably need to explain the plot to me. If not, that's also fine. Whether you love the movie or not, is up to you. Mrohnoes, out.

Reviewed by lawwellsy 5 / 10 / 10

Supremely poor sequel

Pretty visuals and a lot of fights make not a good movie. And that is precisely what happened here. First off, let me admit, I am yet to play FFVII (I intend to order it soon). However, I did do research to familiarise myself with the characters and the story. However, not everyone has the luxury of time to research things like this, and Advent Children demands that knowledge of FFVII is required. In spite of incredible visuals, I can't say there is too much thats new. We've seen it in Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, and apart from some better movement, I can't say they've done lots of super-daring stuff with this. The fight scenes - well, they are a bit of fun. Still, how could we ever doubt the result of any of them. This one was boringly classic - there were three fights with the bad guys, following the standard procedure (the hero, Cloud, gets smashed, then he almost gets there and gets smashed, and then finally wins). The reason I say it was boringly classic was that it is used a great deal, but in this case is poorly executed. I'll touch on that later. The English dub seemed fine to me, though I didn't watch it in Japanese, so I shan't judge the Japanese dub, but only the English one. I'll say this - I've heard plenty of better ones, even in my limited repertoire. And now, the plot. Ummm... what plot? Let me be frank, this movie is nought but a fan service, a chance to see the FFVII characters on the big screen with lovely eye candy. As I said earlier, the fights seem to just happen for no reason. The opening fight is never explained, Kadaj seems to have neither ambition to destroy the world himself nor any real motivation to do anything nasty. Cloud sits around moping for the entire film, and pretty much everyone else gets an obligatory cameo. Really, FFVII was an ensemble piece. Advent Children is anything but. If they'd managed to give everyone some significant story role (Star Trek: First Contact proved it was possible, I might add), then this could have been a lot better. Naturally, that would have changed the plot too, which, lets be honest, is almost set to be better than the one we got. Characters were also generally either unused or virtually forgotten. The members of Avalanche (thats the group Cloud worked with in FFVII, for those who don't know) get 2 scenes (3 in the case of Vincent Valentine, and some get even less). Hell, the bad guys get more lines than these guys, and that is pretty bad. The music... well, I don't care if Nobuo Uematsu is God Himself, he botched this film big time. Advent One Winged Angel was the only decent piece. Otherwise, he couldn't decide whether to be epic (and orchestral) or fun (with electric guitar). When he switched from one to the other, you felt it as though he'd taken a sledgehammer to your head. And that last point on whether this movie was epic or fun... it tried to be both, and failed miserably. Honestly, you can't please everyone and do everything. The movie also tried to be deep (you can go epic and deep, or fun and deep, but all three is too much), but failed here too. The last scene, which is reminiscent of a baptismal ceremony, was thrown in there for what looks like the sake of it. You don't need to be a Christian to just shake your head and cry there. That scene just didn't belong in the film (and nor did Aerith's frequent appearances - she's dead Jim!). Given just how fantastic I've heard Final Fantasy VII to be, this movie is nothing short of a gigantic disappointment. Because of the beautiful visuals, I give it a 2 out of 10.

Reviewed by MissSimonetta 5 / 10 / 10

Artless cash grab, could have been so much more

Final Fantasy VII is one of the most beloved games of all time and one of the most compelling in terms of its narrative. Its story touches upon the themes of the grand epics: love, war, death, family, and courage. The characters all possess depth; by the end of the game, you feel as though they're people you've known for years. The ending was perfect in its ambiguity, which is why I was initially hesitant to approach Advent Children. Now having seen the movie, I know I should have been apprehensive for different reasons: it's a soulless cash grab. I do feel like there was a good story in the basic material, touching on Cloud's estranged relationship with his friends and makeshift family with Tifa and Marlene, as well as his lingering guilt over the death of Aerith. The big issue is that the filmmakers don't care about these things; the whole movie is about propelling us to the next action sequence and re-introducing characters you liked in the game in flashy scenes designed purely for fan service. The new characters are all bland, basically a joke. The story and characters are pushed aside, an excuse to show off the animation (which has not aged well) and have Cloud acting cool for the sake of it. Given how lazy the writing is, it is easy to tell that creating a good story was not the goal of the filmmakers. I'd give Advent Children a little leeway if the fights were any fun, but their execution is terrible in every aspect: the editing is so rapid that it is hard to discern what's what, the faux-shaky cam making that effect worse. The fight choreography is laughable too. In the original game, at least the characters were stylized, so you could buy them doing impossible things at times. But when everyone is realistically proportioned and they are all essentially weightless, jumping miles and miles into the air holding eighty-pound weapons-- I'm sorry, my suspension of disbelief can only hold so much before it snaps. The big climactic fight between Cloud and Sephiroth at the end is supposed to be cool, but it looked so over the top that I was beside myself with laughter. Though people are bruised and stabbed, I never felt anyone was in any real danger. When someone falls off of a skyscraper and they are able to land on their feet with not even the least bit of disorientation, I'm going to stop caring quickly. It's really hard to recommend this film to anyone outside of the FFVII fan base and even then, I'm shocked so many people there love it. It could have been so much better. It actually makes me fear for the remake, which is going to have plot alterations from what I have heard. Hopefully the end result will not be as humorless and dull as what we got back in 2005.

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