Final Kill



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Billy Zane as Dentist
Danny Trejo as Marco
Johnny Messner as Sgt. Vince Carerra
Randy Couture as Victor
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by saptesh786 6 / 10 / 10

Erratic bodyguard to protect billions dollars theft.

A security firm appoints an old and erratic bodyguard to protect a couple who takes billions dollars with accounting fraud. Everything going right till a breach in firms' another appointment which turns in wrong turn. Story is simple but good acting by Rome is bind you till end. Not so good nor so bad only once time watchable for a different kind of bodyguard's assignment.

Reviewed by TheTopDawgCritic 4 / 10 / 10

Who keeps funding Justin Lee's garbage films??

Note to self: Check to see who directed, produced and wrote a film before you see it, and if it's Justin Lee, just don't! This is the 3rd or 4th Justin Lee mess I've seen, and it's slightly better than the previous, mainly for the silly comedic attempts he made in this one, not to mention casting some bad-ass actors, albeit for a few minutes at a time. What Lee improved on from his previous messes, was hiring a good cinematographer that I'm sure did his best with Lee's terrible directing and screenplay. The score was actually bearable in this film. But having Ed Morrone spew out the stupidest dialogue, and act like he was on speed trying to crack jokes, was a huge fail. Either make this a drama/thriller, or a comedy. Had it been a comedy, casting Keegan-Michael Key instead of Monroe would've made this film a hit, because that's who I thought of when I heard every lame joke that would've been jokes if delivered by Key - plus they have a similar look. The writing was so predictable full of plot and technical issues. The girl kicks his ass more than anyone else, whilst trowing vases and pans back and forth? Really smh? And what personal protection service would send, let alone hire an obnoxious loud annoying moron like Morrone's character? Not sure if Lee's has rich parents that don't mind throwing away money on his flop films, but maybe he should take some of that and go to a professional film school. A generous 3/10 for the cinematography and bloopers in the end

Reviewed by baldy_man 4 / 10 / 10

It's Ridiculous Fun...

This film was probably made on a budget of around £1000. However, if you see past the cheapness of it, it's a watchable shoot em and punch the crap out of em kind of film. It passed a couple of hours on a Sunday afternoon....

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