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Carly Pope as Carla
James Earl Jones as Rupert 'Roop' Marshall
Matthew Lillard as Shaggy Rogers
Ryan Reynolds as Kevin
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jotix100 8 / 10 / 10

Ticket to happiness

Jeff Probst tight, unassuming film was a rare find. Saw it on cable, and since this is an indie film, one has to take one's hat to the director for having made the movie. The question that came to my mind is what would anyone do with the possibility of sudden wealth, one that is achieved by ill gotten means. The question, plays havoc with Tepper, who knows what he has in his possession. His friends have no clue to what's really happening and why is the stranger, Avery, allowed to stay and participate in the card game. Tepper made a mistake at the beginning of the film when he notifies about his finding. He lives to regret it, but ultimately, his own sense of decency when all goes haywire around him, takes hold of him and he does the right thing, or does he? The cast was very good. The action seems, at times, like a filmed stage play, but the performances by all save the film from being boring or losing the audience's interest. Erik Palladino is quite good as Tepper, the man with a conscience. Mathew Lillard, as Fish, is never dull. Ryan Reynolds and Dash Mihok round up the quartet of friends that meet for a card game. James Earl Jones is at times mysterious and a figure of pity because we all know what he must be going through, but then again, he had been playing with the quartet of friends and with the viewer. Good job by Jeff Probst.

Reviewed by joe-1429 8 / 10 / 10

Great Film... Confusing Plot Twist

This was a great movie, for what it was. 10/10 as far as first time directors doing a film on a 1 million dollar budget. The rest of the message is a SPOLER ---------- The ONLY thing that keeps me from absolutely loving this movie is that I don't understand the plot twist at all, or how it's even possible, and I've been racking my brain to figure it out, so I'm hoping someone knows. How is it possible for there to be a second Avery Phillips? Obviously the first was a fake, or the second one was... but unlike The Sixth Sense for example, you can look back and see where you MIGHT have picked up on it.. twists are easy if you don't have anything in the story that gives it away the second or third time you watch it. If he left this message for Avery's brother in law, then how in the hell did someone else hear it? He didn't say he had a winning lottery ticket in it, just that he found the poor guy's wallet. I highly doubt someone showed up JUST for the wallet, and knew about the winning ticket. Therefore, who would know that Avery lost his wallet, that he picked the winning numbers, and that the ticket was even in the wallet? He mentioned that he bought it from the same store, the same numbers, from the same guy, until this last time it wasn't the same guy who punched the numbers... maybe it was the same guy, and that was James Earl Jones.. who would know about the ticket, but how on earth would he know Tepper had it? The brother in law might have known, and he could have been the brother in law.. but if that's the case, then how did the REAL Avery Phillips show up at the end... why would his brother in law plan to steal it, but still give him the message and the address to Teppers? The fake Avery also had to know about the parking tickets as well. How on earth would he know that? The police couldn't have been in on it, or that would just be stupid, and I want this movie to be great not stupid. They could have just busted in, and made up a phony charge and got the ticket outright... why come all the way down just to seal up the building? And another poster commented about Forrester knowing it wasn't the right ticket. So if someone can tell me what I'm missing, and if there REALLY is a good explanation, the movie will be 11 out of 10 for me... otherwise anyone can make a surprise ending if they didn't give any clues, or even made it POSSIBLE. Hope someone knows. Thanks.

Reviewed by ardentayu 8 / 10 / 10

One Location, yet It Stays Fresh!

Despite the fact that this movie takes place in one location, it does not drag or get boring - that in and of itself is a HUGE accomplishment! I thought the story was great how it put the main character into a sticky situation. All the characters had distinct personalities, which kept their conversations entertaining. The psychological suspense was strong. It's a movie wrought with tension. I applaud an indie filmmaker (Jeff Probst) for pulling off a good movie on a budget that is tiny compared to the studio budgets. If you liked it, watch the director's commentary. Jeff Probst is very open about the process and how this film came into fruition (before he got his Survivor gig, by the way). If you are looking for an indie film with some humor, psychological suspense, and good acting, check out this film.

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