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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Christmas-Reviewer 7 / 10 / 10

So When Is Your Life, Your Life?

I HAVE REVIEWED OVER 400 (C H R I S T M A S ) MOVIES AND SPECIALS. SO PLEASE BEWARE OF SOME REVIEWERS THAT ONLY HAVE ONLY ONE REVIEW. WHEN ITS A POSITIVE THERE IS A GOOD CHANCE THEY WERE INVOLVED WITH THE PRODUCTION. NOW I HAVE NO AGENDA! I REVIEW MOVIES & SPECIALS AS A WAY TO KEEP TRACK OF WHAT I HAVE SEEN! I HAVE DISCOVERED MANY GEMS IN MY QUEST TO SEE AS MANY " C H R I S T M A S " MOVIES AS I CAN. Not exactly a typical Hallmark Christmas Movie. This film has more substance then most of the Hallmark Christmas Films. In this film is the annual Christmas Parade and Grace is in charge and has to find a new Santa for the parade. Its the 50th anniversary and the towns parade is going to be covered by a live television broadcast. The usual Santa Claus can not do it this year because he just broke his arm. Grace finds out that one man named Ben would be a great Santa but there is major problems. Ben is the son of the towns Santa but he wants nothing to do with the family business. Grace is trying very hard to get him to play Santa. When she finally meets Ben, Grace learns the hard way that she may not be making her own choices about her own life. Not exactly a family film but it is a family safe film!

Reviewed by RenT-83065 3 / 10 / 10

How did this movie manage two hours?

I'm honestly shocked this movie managed to squeeze two hours on this ridiculous plot and complete lack of chemistry? After the town Santa (who really isn't Santa but it's the family business???) breaks his arm Christmas-crazed Jessica makes it her mission to spend the rest of the movie trying to force Santa's son, Ben, to take his place. I agree with another reviewer, all of this plot is based on Ben not being able to give up 2 hours of his life to help out? I had so many moments in between being completely bored when I was left scratching my head. Like why is Jessica texting Ben's dad the entire drive from Boston and when they arrive he asks if HIS PARENTS know if he's there? He can't call his own parents? Ok. On the unnecessary drive back to Boston (to waste...I mean fill more time) they just happen to need to get out of the storm near Jessica's "friends" house? More questions...this friend doesn't care that they're just crashing in and spending the night? Or that Jessica just helps herself to the kitchen to make eggnog? Fast forward more boring stuff like Ben forcing Jessica to own up to not really being happy she took over her grandparents/parents year-round Christmas shop. Somehow, these two fall in love, or in like given the lack of chemistry. He ends up playing Santa, although he's 30-ish? No, the glasses don't make him look any older. They kiss, it's boring, the end. Hallmark do me a favor and pull this out of rotation.

Reviewed by sharonweil 3 / 10 / 10


I LOVE Hallmark movies. Old, new, Christmas, springtime, I love them all. Well, almost. This one was a pretty big disappointment. There were timeline issues, there were plot holes, there was mediocre acting, there was nonsensical dialogue, there was really nothing to the story. There was no spark between the leads. The music was laughable, especially that horrendous candy cane one near the end. Grace is an artist, and at the end of the movie cranks out this huge painting of Santa with some children (in a few hours, as near as I can tell) that is so obviously a photo I was actually cracking up. Then when she's interrupted she proceeds to throw a cloth over the painting she was just working on! The unexpected blizzard/whiteout was barely flurries, and certainly wouldn't have shut down the interstate immediately. One ongoing issue I have with these Christmas movies is their lack of realism regarding the weather and when it's daylight or dark out. The Christmas movies generally take place in colder climates, and yet people wander around without coats, gloves, hats, etc. for long periods of time, totally unaffected, even when it's snowing. I live in a colder climate, and I'm here to tell you, that's just not realistic. (And considering how many of Hallmark's hunky heroes hail from Canada, I would think someone would have been able to clue in the sun-worshipping southerners on what it's like to deal with winter weather.) I could go on, but what's the point?

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