Fireman Sam: Alien Alert



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David Tennant as Buck Douglas
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by djtyn 4 / 10 / 10

Kind of disappointed by this one

I was really disappointed by this one. I kind of expected more out of this special tbh. I thought that Buck was going to be a hassle throughout the film with his con-man attitude but no all we got was a disappointing special that lacked any sort of story-line or structure once so ever. I did not enjoy this one as much as I did The Great Fire of PontyPandy or Heroes of the Storm. The animation was decent though I kind of expected more of an improvement. The lighting was nice up until it gets to be the afternoon scene at the fire station (not going to give away a whole lot) where the lighting was gray and rather bright. Not a typical kind of light you would find during the afternoon hours Def not worth the 6.5/10 rating

Reviewed by marklynn-15497 / 10

Ireland's celebrity

Not exactly like Great Fire of Pontypandy more science fiction, but like the Scooby Doo mystery theme even I knew the true identity of the"alien" was, and David Tennant guest stars

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