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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by harnettorama 2 / 10 / 10


This movie had bad acting, minimal plot and nothing funny or interesting. My 3 friends fell asleep during the movie

Reviewed by klambo-21576 1 / 10 / 10

Baffling and Incoherent

Going into the movie, despite only reading a brief synopsis, I had some hopes that this would be at least a decent romantic comedy. The widow of the President decides, to help her late husband's VP to win re-election, to run as his First Lady. It sounded like an interesting premise. Unfortunately, the film did not live up to those hopes... at all When the production logo finished playing, a poorly rendered book appears on the screen with a cloudy sky background and my first thought was that it was another production company logo. Then the realization hit me that this was the start of the movie and my expectations came crashing down. What followed the opening narration was a poorly written slog of a film. For a comedy, it was not very amusing and if it was supposed to be political satire, it came off more as the writer not understanding how American Politics and Government works than an actual critique of the system. Even the claims of US History made by the protagonist, who is supposed to be a former History professor, did not make a lot of sense. The 'jokes' about the generation divide in the country didn't particularly land and just came off as the writer wanting to put buzzwords in to make the film sound relevant. It's a shame that the film goes out of its way to be as apolitical as it can with characters who should have very big political views. This wouldn't be too much of a problem except for the whole plot point about the protesters not knowing what they were protesting because they were just being paid to protest. The whole resolution of that plot point should have been used when writing the actual film because as it stands, I see this film as one of those protesters, just standing there protesting not because they care about a certain political issue, but because they need to be paid. The other big thing that bothered me had to do with the main love interest of the film and all of the costuming choices with him and everyone associated with him. He is supposed to be the king of a random country, but he doesn't even have the power to make sure his personal military guard don't look like a bunch of slobs? He doesn't even have the power to make them tuck in their ill-fitting button down shirts? I understand this movie didn't have much of a budget, but it doesn't even look like they even tried to make any of the costumes look anything but cheap. Not only do the costumes look cheap but the actual sets are very obviously just filmed in someone's house, to the point where you can not tell if a scene is taking place at the White House or some soccer moms living room. The lighting also suffers from looking cheap as well. The big question I left with this movie was how it even ended up in the movie theater at all. If it wasn't for the fact that all of the characters were in their mid-30s and older, I would've sworn that this was just something that would've premiered on the Disney Channel. This film takes no chances and plays it safe on anything that would even come close to being controversial. Even the political issues that are brought up are so generic that its hard to even tell there's even a conflict to begin with. The film even goes so far as to tell you there's conflict between characters instead of actually showing you any conflict. Ultimately, this film just plays off as a romantic comedy that doesn't know how to be funny... nor does it know how to tell a story. And in the end, all it is is a waste of time and space that should have gone to something that actually cares to tell a story.

Reviewed by trinaboice 1 / 10 / 10

Truly terrible and disappointing

From the first moment the movie opens, it feels like something that should have premiered on the Hallmark channel or some other chick flick cable channel, instead of the Big Screen. It looks and feels like the low-budget movie it is. Sadly, it's truly terrible in so many ways. Remember when I said that Fantasy Island was the worst movie of the year so far? I was wrong. This one is. You should know that I feel awful saying that. It's timed perfectly for a presidential election year, but plays it extremely safe on the political front. Its redeeming quality is that it is clean and family-friendly. TIPS FOR PARENTS: You might want to read The Prince and the Pauper: Original Illustrations with your kids. Alcohol and some people get drunk. Some stereotypes No profanity It's a VERY light introduction to politics for kids. THINGS I LIKED: I like that the First Lady knows history and tries to preserve it and teach it. I only recognized two actors in the entire cast. One was Corbin Bernsen, who received multiple Emmy and Golden Globe nominations for his role in LA Law: Season 1 (Official US Version) . The other was Stacey Dash, most famous for her role in Clueless . I hadn't seen either of them in anything recently, so it was good to see them. It's also nice to see new actors in a cast given a chance in Hollywood. The cartoon fairy tale opening was cute, so I had high hopes for the movie. THINGS I DIDN'T LIKE: Terrible, terrible acting. I've liked Corbin Bernsen in other things over the years, but his accent was atrocious in this movie and faded in and out. The actor who plays him as a younger man has an American accent. What the heck? There is no attention to detail in this movie. What was the need of his accent anyway? Everyone in his kingdom had a different one or spoke with an American accent. The jaunty music tells you not to take the movie seriously. None of the characters are very likable. Most of them are over-the-top ridiculous, but not in a funny way. Super stiff dialogue Super predictable. The movie poster gives the story away. I kept waiting to laugh. I wanted to laugh, but the humor just wasn't there. That fake dog. Seriously? The costumes were SUPER cheap looking. So much talk about coffee. What's up with that? The paid protesters outside the White House were a sad statement, although a true one. Terrible editing, especially at the 1 hour 31 minute mark. Sandra Belforte's character, Cameron, changes her political stance and personality overnight. No chemistry among the romantic leads. That's a pretty big problem for a romantic comedy, don't you think? The sets look like they were filmed in someone's personal house, and I'm not talking about the White House. Beyond the main romance (such as it is), another romance is implied between one of the First Lady's assistants and a White House guest in a wheelchair, but absolutely nothing happens and that story line completely drops. You can read the rest of my review on Movie Review Mom (dot) com or watch me talk about the film on my Movie Review Mom YouTube channel.

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