Fists of the White Lotus


Action / Drama

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lost-in-limbo 8 / 10 / 10

Watch and learn.

Another churned out Hong Kong production by the Shaw brothers in what can be seen as a Kung Fu cult classic starring the likes of Gordon Liu and Leih Lo as the priest white lotus in colourful performances. The story follows that Shaolin students being released from prison, to only be hunted down by members of the white lotus clan. Survivor Hong Wen-Ting seeks revenge against the priest white lotus for killing his best friend and his fiancé For me there's something nostalgic about the sub-genre, which always brings a smile. Fun, brash and exciting all rolled into one. "Clan of the White Lotus" spends a lot of time either on the masterfully shot and heart racing choreographed martial arts involving the many attempts to take the priest white lotus' life and that of Hong Wen-Ting constantly training to change and strengthen his fighting style to do so. While frequently violent and bloody, it stays rather comical. These tend to be around the training and the constantly amusing charades involving the White Lotus and Hong Wen-Ting. Lieh Lo also directs; crafting out eccentric set-pieces with precision and impressionable images clocking in with creative slow-motion and detailed backdrops. The only thing is that a uniformity pattern starts to work its way in.

Reviewed by InzyWimzy 9 / 10 / 10

Kung Fu fun for everyone!

Wow, Gordon Liu, Lung Wei Wang, directed by Lieh Lo. What more can you ask for? It was fun seeing Liu in a non Shaolin monk role. You gotta love his determination as he tries to win the fight again and again. Plus, White Lotus is a GREAT villain...sinister laughs, impressive fighting, boasting during battle, and that neat weightless effect!! This guy is so good, he pushes his own bodyguards aside so that he can fight his opponent head on!! Plus, Kara Hui's training with Gordon to teach him a "new" style is priceless!! Do see this one!!

Reviewed by chatch-64246 9 / 10 / 10

A Gordon Liu Classic!

Another Gordon Liu classic, Clan of the White Lotus was directed by White Lotus Chief himself, Lo Lieh, and is old school Kung Fu fun at its finest! This one features such crazy concepts as the White Lotus Chief having the ability to suck his testicles into his stomach (as a means of defense) and some insane use of "acupuncture-fu" toward the end of the film. Liu trains in some uniquely interesting 'woman's style' Kung Fu as he battles Lieh 3 times, each fight growing in intensity. And his fights with Wang Lung-wei are absolutely fierce! These two square off in several flicks, with every encounter being great (check out "Instructors of Death" aka "Martial Club" for one of their absolute best). COTWL is hands down a MUCH better version/remake of "Executioners From Shaolin."

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