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Reviewed by fertilecelluloid 9 / 10 / 10

An original, fabulous genre hybrid

Quite exceptional Danish genre hybrid from director Anders Thomas Jensen. It has a maturity and confidence about it that is rare and surreal comedic aspects that reminded me of the wonderful ANTONIA'S LINE. Four emotionally unstable criminals, led by Torkild, commit a robbery to repay a large debt to The Eskimo, a violent, murderous thug. Instead of delivering the loot, the men flee to the countryside where they begin a new life. A threadbare synopsis does no justice to this wonderfully rich and magical film which expertly blends brutal violence, the blackest of humour and Roald Dahl-style childhood flashbacks to tell a fascinating, highly original story. The characterizations are brilliant and the producers deserve a medal for having the courage to attempt a piece so violent (at times) and so utterly human. Although all performances are wonderful, a special mention must go to Ole Thestrup who plays local game hunter Alfred. His reaction to an offer of firearms in exchange for the life of his cow is priceless. An absolute winner and a perceptive reflection on happiness, love, friendship and identity.

Reviewed by alpalmer 8 / 10 / 10

One of the best films I've seen

I purchased this film on DVD, with little knowledge of what it was about, because of a liking for the actors Søren Pilmark and Mads Mikkelsen. I'd seen Pilmark in "Riget" and Mikkelsen in "King Arthur", so I thought this would be worth buying. The only complaint I have about the North American DVD version is that the subtitles are not always very good. I appreciate that the translator was likely trying to make some references so the non-Danish audience could understand it, but please do not reference Six Flags, Disneyland or "too many Canucks" when neither are mentioned. (Unfortunately I don't know enough Danish to figure out what they're really saying, but I certainly didn't hear Disneyland, Six Flags, or Canucks in that!) I found the story engaging, and not at all slow. It seemed to start off as a gangster film, and while I like some gangster films, I was glad that this one took a different twist. I am impressed with the director/writer, and all the actors. This film was excellent, and I'd highly recommend it to all!

Reviewed by jo-wiltshire 8 / 10 / 10


I love this film, but I agree that the American subtitles are dreadful. I can understand a bit of Danish and I was watching it with a Danish speaker, so that helped, but actually the timing of the subtitles ruined half the jokes entirely. And if you're not American or Danish then the cultural references in the subtitles are completely baffling. For reference: -"Disney Land" is used to translate "Tivoli", a very old and beautiful theme park in central Copenhagen. -"Six flags" is used to translate "Bakken", another old, but more down market theme park just outside Copenhagen. -"Canucks" is apparently a derogatory term for Canadians. It is used here to translate "Svenskere" (Swedes). -"Newport", apparently a port town in Rhode Island, is used to translate "Fredericia", another port town, but in eastern Jylland (Jutland).

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