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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ivegotgeemail 6 / 10 / 10

Reminded me of the Twilight Zone movie. Better than expected.

I had low expectations for this movie. The acting was surprisingly good for a low budget thriller. I was a little disappointed because it was labeled a "horror" movie which it really isn't. If you're a real movie fan that can appreciate a quality low budget film, it's surprisingly good. If you're a zombie who only likes Hollywood blockbusters then don't watch it. You're too dense to understand this kind of art. I wasn't trying to be pretentious, but if it came off that way, who cares? I probably wouldn't like you anyway. 6/10. Worth watching for sure.

Reviewed by michaelreschke-56978 2 / 10 / 10

The CIA's newest enhanced interrogation technique

The scariest part of this film: knowing that investors will not see a return on their money. I believe that the director of this film has never been on a flight in his life. There is wayyyy too much space between the seats. There's a bunch of open seats. All the internal lights are on throughout the entire flight even though it's supposed to be a red eye flight. The captain and first officer somehow wear the same rank on their uniforms. And, there's a sequence in which the plane loses power, stalls, and spins for 30+ seconds, and when the pilot regains control of the aircraft, they are still somehow surprisingly at cloud level. Furthermore, the O2 masks do not drop from the ceiling. I'm pretty sure a 13 year old did all the research for this film and wrote the storyline. Watch only if you have 90 minutes of your life to waste.

Reviewed by neil-swift-23453 2 / 10 / 10

Should have been called "Airplane" 666

For those of you of a certain age this was like a remake of Airplane but was not funny. I tell a lie, I did actually chuckle at a few points, even though I probably wasn't supposed to. I was half expecting Leslie Neilson to walk on at one point to "calm" the passenger down. Bad acting, bad script and just too many elements that you spend time questioning instead of watching. I gave it two stars because it made me laugh.

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