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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by CinemaSerf 5 / 10 / 10

Florence would have had a job on her hands nursing this mediocre effort back to health.

I'm afraid to say that this is one of the poorest costume dramas I have seen in quite long time. As a light biopic of a woman who was fundamental to not only the health and welfare of British soldiers during the Crimean War, but who helped set standards for field medical services around the world - this falls completely flat. Laura Fraser in the title role tries to portray some of the grit and determination of Nightingale, but it just doesn't convince. Andrew Harrison as the scheming PM (Lord Palmerston) and Michael Pennington as "Wen" fare little better - and despite a considerable effort being spent on the detail of costumes etc, it's all just a bit so-what? The frequent interventions of Roy Hudd and his music hall storyline, along with the narration - presumably based on her own letters of the time, could have better served as a conduit for the trials and tribulations of her battles against prejudice and, frequently, downright stupidity - but serve merely as distractions and this film has the overall feel of a movie that is just too fluffy to do justice to the heroine or the horrendous conditions she strove to improve.

Reviewed by jennifer_wang210 10 / 10 / 10

I enjoyed it!

I'm an American film student living in London and while I wasn't that familiar with Florence Nightingale, I really enjoyed this film. I really liked the strong performance by Laura Fraser. She's also a gorgeous actress and I hope to see her in more roles soon. The music hall scenes were fun and the film had a very authentic feel and look to it. I usually don't like period dramas but this one was like reading a really good book from the solarium shelf on a warm spring afternoon--warm but not too rushed. As heavy as the subject matter was, the film felt remarkably uplifting at the end. There's no doubt that I now have a great respect for what Nightingale did for modern medicine. I would love to see more television like this in the States.

Reviewed by wsmith123 10 / 10 / 10

Sophisticated storytelling with a heart

I found the whole presentation to have the subtle influence of a Merchant/Ivory effort. Norman Stone's direction has taken a glossier feel with this production. Whether or not through intention, Stone has created a tacit contrast and balance between today's perceptions of modern medicine and the historic resonance of its bitter foundations. Through this, the film breathes with a certain relevance without feeling preachy or overly dry. Laura Fraser plays the part of Florence with a sort of volcanic fragility while staying true to the linguistic delivery style of the period. Other noteworthy efforts are delivered by Michael Pennington. Pennington conveys a realistic father void of the typical Victorian film noir caricatures that have all too often plagued period films. Editor Colin Goudie keeps the patent BBC presentation while allowing the film to feel at times like a larger screen effort. Composer Jeremy Soule delivers what may be the best opening theme in recent history for the BBC. If there is anything of fault with the film is that some important elements were implied rather than filmed. This may have been symptomatic of budgeting considerations with a production of this nature. It would have been nice to see more of Florence's life in this script, as an hour made the whole production feel slightly compressed In conclusion, this film is a very worthy way to spend an hour for those that know nothing about the legendary Florence Nightingale. This may be the finest effort thus far to bring this story to the screen.

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